Facebook/ instagram groups??

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Facebook/ instagram groups??

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  • Hi guys,
    Im totally going at this diet alone!! I need some company through facebook group or insta? Anyone joined any?
    I started my joirney theough pure luck really…. I got a sickness bug 7 weeks ago and couldnt eat for 2 days. At the emd of the week i lost 6 lb granted it was water loss too but i though i might try 5:2 to see if it was the diet for me?
    Well!! I normally take fat burners to get myself to 10st 4 as age and quitting smoking seems to have slowed my motabolism down. But i have managed to get myself down to 10st 2lb (10lbs) in 7 weeks on this diet alone! I cant quite believe iv finally found something that works.
    I rave to everyone about how good this diet is. But it becomes a but lonely as noone cares haha 🙁
    Sooooo im thinking social media is needed now anyonw know??

    Hello Loulabellemay

    Great idea!
    I would also like to be in a Facebook group!
    I’m from Brazil, I write in Google Translate.
    Create a group and add me …

    I’d definitely be up for a Facebook group but I’m sure there is one already. Happy to join yours though and make it more personal. Tag me in if you do it x

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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