Exercise with a Total Ankle Replacement

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Exercise with a Total Ankle Replacement

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  • Hi, I’ve had a Total Ankle Replacement and a Talonavicular fusion of my right foot. I’m looking for some ideas for HIT exercises I can do as I’m not allowed to run, jump or put too much force through it and I’m not near a swimming pool! I can cycle but only gently. I’ve just been fitted with an ankle support which also restricts movement.
    Any suggestions (sensible) would be most welcome.

    Having had major surgery on my r ankle I can seriously sympathise !
    However you can still lose weight (if you need to do that / are doing that too) without any exercise – bar just the sheer effort of getting about to do normal daily acitivities of course!
    I found that the foot ecercises the physio assigned were typically enough but I’m guessing you want to keep up the activity. I’d suggest an indoor bike, one of ‘exercise bikes’ or an ‘auto trainer’ if you can add the bar through the rear wheel hub, each time?
    Hope that you make a quick and good recovery! Awful thing to have happened to you. Sorry to hear this. 🙁

    Oh…I hope you get well soon. You need to leave active sports for a while so that your ankle will recover faster. Of course, if you don’t experience terrible pain, you can try yoga. When I injured my ankle in training, the doctor forbade me to engage in sports. I’ve been doing gymnastics for ten years, and I couldn’t live a day without exercise. Yoga was a great option for me. I did yoga almost every day, and in order not to experience pain in the ankle, I ordered an ankle brace on https://remaininthegame.ca/product-category/orthopedic-bracing-support/ankle-brace-support/. After a month of such training, my ankle was restored, and I didn’t lose my flexibility.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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