emotional eating.

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  • Today was going to be a fast day. Indeed it started well and I resisted the temptations of the boulangerie this morning. I then tried to contact my 20 year old daughter by text message and she didn’t answer. Hey ho. An hour later I tried again, then I left a message on the answer wozit. She’s been staying at a friends house for a few days. She hasn’t given me more than a first name and the small town she’s staying in. Well she got in touch a few hours later saying that she’s slept in – battery flat etc but of course by this time I was at my wit’s end with worry….(she’s been carted off, dumped in a ditch, do I call the gendarmerie etc) and we are a loaf down and I owe my son a pot of Nutella 🙁
    Tomorrow’s another day!!!!!

    Aw Chrissie – you poor thing – sounds like a stressful day! But you are right tomorrow is another day and you know you can do it! That’s the good thing – just switch days and don’t give up! Take care x

    It was a tough one and I admit to over reacting but when concerns the children, even though they’re big children, I just can’t help it!

    glad she is alright. my heart is in my mouth if my 11 year old son is 10 minutes late back from school.

    I am (sorry, was!) a big comfort eater, which is such a contradiction in terms, because how can it be a comfort to anyone putting on weight by chomping on chocolate hobnobs, crisps and dry roasted peanuts sloshed down with large glasses of wine !

    but as you say, tomorrow is another day ! my feeling about the fast diet is exactly that, if the day you plan to fast goes pear-shaped, tomorrow will do just fine….

    I’ve just found out that she’s staying in a squat. Great. I feel pretty useless as she’s twenty and has the right to do as she pleases. At least I know where she is now I suppose. Today is a fast day and, so far so good.

    Oh poor you, Chrissie.

    Is it any help if I tell you that most youngsters grow out of all this and become model citizens, although not usually till all the parents’ hair is grey or fallen out? My daughter did it all, the drinking, smoking (goodness knows what she smoked!) she dropped out of university, dah, dah , dah.

    Now at 33 she is happily settled with a lovely man and they have just had their first baby. Her home is pristine (far more so than mine) and they live a super healthy lifestyle.

    You have no idea how much I needed to hear that. I’m a bit teary now! Thank you so much Ruthi. Bloody kids!

    Awww! Hun! I know how you feel!

    Judith was a defiant little monster right from the start. I really despaired, and struggled for 25 years or more to respect her viewpoint! Now she is more respectable than I!

    Hi Chrissie. Glad to hear everything worked out. Having raised 3 of my own all grown the worries never really end. 5:2 is a lifestyle and so are our kids so we have to work it all in together. With 5:2 u can get right back in the grove. Good luck

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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