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  • This is my third week, and I’d been going strong, losing 8 lbs so far. Today was supposed to be a fast day, but I crashed and burned. I’ve been particularly emotional, and become more so as the day goes on, and all I’ve wanted to do is binge.
    How have other emotional eaters here coped with this struggle?

    Hi Silverwing, sorry to read about your emotional issues BUT all is not lost. There are many things you could do that will help but I will offer brief support and suggestions.
    Firstly, if you can, REMOVE yourself from where you are having the issue. If at home go for a walk or a run (if fit enough). Secondly, CALM DOWN, DO SOME BREATHING EXERCISES.
    Thirdly. If you want to binge, look at the food you are about to eat. Close your eyes, breathing in slowly and deeply exhale slowly. Now, picture that food, (chocolate, ice cream etc in full colour). Imagine that there are hundreds of worms and bugs crawling out of it…. the food tastes and smells awful…. you do not want it…..Put it back, walk away , smile, think about you being healthy, think positive and good things about yourself. Remember, the 5:2 is flexible, simply move to another day and do not beat yourself up. You have not failed simply adjusted your targets.
    Check out the internet, look at meditation, positive affirmation and mindfulness techniques. Use some of them, invest in some headphones for your computer and listen in a quiet place to some relaxing music or meditation programme.
    I hope other posters help.
    Good Luck.
    Good luck.

    I love those ideas, thanks! I’ve had a phobia of worms (or decepticons as I call them because I gag on the word “worm” 😛 ) since I was a kid, so that technique will likely be especially effective 🙂

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