Eating too much on non-fast days

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Eating too much on non-fast days

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  • Hi all
    I am fine on fast days, but tend to overeat on non fast days, I think it is s matter of boredom and (in my head) treating myself.
    How can I break this mindset??


    When I tried 16:8 first a few weeks ago, i had the same problem. I ate too much food in my eating window. I started 5:2 this week, so no long term experience here, but i limited myself to two meals/day regardless of FD/NFD. I ate one plateful of food, than I’m done. No place for bargaing or oder mind tricks. I can’t report any results yet, since I’m not measuring myself till Sunday evening, but my snacking/overeating is definitely gone.

    I first tried this diet a year or so ago and on fast days did try and have little meals, but it just started the hunger dragon . I eat when I get home, which is fine, not many cravings during the day, and am kept busy at work. It the days after once I start eating I can’t stop, switch in my head tells me, because I have fasted I deserve a little more. But a little turns into a lot, and I am ruining all my hard work 😫😫

    1. hide the snacks
    2. figure out how many calories you take in on a Slow Day
    3. identify 100 calories to eliminate from your diet on Slow Days
    4. do that for 2 weeks
    5. reduce total calories by another 100 calories and see how that works.

    6. eventually, calculate your TDEE [under the Resources button at top of this page] and eat to that number. I say ‘eventually’ because it might be too much of a shock/adjustment at this point.

    Some things that have been helpful to me.

    1) Avoiding foods with added refine sugar. (Basically processed foods.) Sugar drives hunger, at least for me.

    2) Eat slowly, really try to enjoy the food that I’m eating.

    3) Forcing myself to eat a wider variety of foods. I focus on nutrition. This has helped me talk myself out of treat many times.

    4) Water fasting … I’m much more aware of what it takes to lose weigh!

    Thank you all for your comments and advice, I will certainly try some of those ideas, I know it is just really a mind over matter. Just need to sort my head out
    Thanks all!!!!



    I need to lose 75 pounds, well, now 55 pounds. What I’ve been doing is using My Net Diary. (I like it better than My Fitness Pal for everything except recipe building.)

    I figured out how many calories I need to lose 1.25 pounds a week, but if you’re looking to maintain weight it’s the same deal. I multiplied the daily calories by 7 subtracted 1000 and then divided that by 5. This is working really well for me. I’m never hungry. I can eat pretty much anything. The app helps to keep a really good eye on nutrition.

    Also not sure if your eyes have already glazed over, but if you’re still with me, two more things:
    I have days where I need more calories than others and I account for that by lowering the calories on three of the days to 1450 and then I have two high calorie days. (Usually I can’t manage to use them all.) So, the math goes like this:
    1390 (The amount of calories I can eat per day and lose 1.25 pounds per week) x 7 -1000 – 4350 (which is 1450 x 3) / 2.

    I use the premium version of the app. I’m not sure without that you can set different calorie goals per day.

    I know it can be very difficult to restrain yourself. You need to work on your willpower and think about the consequences and what you really want to achieve. Maybe distract yourself in a way that your mind is busy with something else. Nevertheless, having a balanced diet and healthy nutrition overall should be a priority for everybody. Personally, I am really motivated to become the healthiest version of myself, and I work pretty hard to achieve my goal. If you want to find useful information on good nutrition and balanced state of mind, click here. This platform is a great way to keep yourself informed and make sure you’re on the right track.

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