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  • I began 5:2 in January and within days of starting, I have had various mouth/throat problems
    I am getting an incredibly dry mouth – so much so sometimes that it feels like my tongue is sticking

    I am NOT dehydrated, and indeed even after drinking my mouth feels just as dry

    I am a woman of ‘that’ age – and have read that women of my age can experience this

    but I just wondered if anyone else had found this, and if anything helped (apart from getting meds from the gp)

    many thanks

    Hi keep, I have not experienced this but I wonder if sucking on a mint or chewing gum would help?

    thanks for the suggestions
    that helps during the day
    but I cant do that when I am asleep, and it wakes me up
    its horrible

    Wakes you while you sleep? Wow, sorry to hear that. Maybe call your GP and see if she/he has any suggestions.

    I think I will have to
    it is 3:40am and it has woken me again, with my mouth all stuck up
    am sucking a sugar free sweet which is helping a lot – just have to stay awake for a bit

    surely I cant be the only person on this whole forum who suffers with this!!

    I get that but if a make a conscious effort to sleep with my mouth shut I’m usually OK.

    Try mouthwashes which are specially made to treat dry mouth and if it doesn’t help you should visit a dentist.


    New here, just made an account after seeing this post about dry mouth. I recently finished a short water fast so a little different to what many discuss here but since finishing the fast I have had a severely dry mouth. It is causing me real problems and waking me up all night.

    Did you ever manage to find out what was causing your dry mouth or find a way to sort it out?

    I hope you get to see this as a dry mouth may sound trivial but it is causing me a lot of stress.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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