Drinking Hot water with Lemon

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  • Hi, I read a lot of articles about weight loss and I love to eat clean. I have lost the excess weight through diet and exercise. Now I am trying to maintain the weight. Recently I read an article about drinking lemon juice daily. Sharing it here : http://www.harveybrooker.com/why-is-lemon-water-so-great-for-you/ . Does lemon juice really helps? Is it advisable to drink it daily? If so, How many times? Will there be heartburn, since the drink is acidic. Please advise.

    Flash Lemon isn’t acidic when it hits the tummy. I have reflux and I took it for a couple of weeks as it was recommended by someone….google it. I stopped taking it because my whole face and neck broke out in the tiniest of little pimples which while not visible to the eye I could feel with my hands. It was scary so I stopped drinking lemon and water twice a day and my skin returned to normal within a week or so. Some will say I was flushing out toxins but there’s a school of thought that the idea of our body having/storing toxins is rubbish so who knows. I reckon it just didn’t do with me.


    I’ve read the article and I’m not really sure about the claims made regarding what lemon juice can do.

    Flushing out toxins is a claim that is often used for certain foods. The fact is that our bodies are sophisticated enough to deal with most toxins that the average person might ingest without any assistance as it is designed to excrete substances we don’t need.

    Preventing fatty liver is another interesting one as the main cause of it is excessive consumption of alcohol. Non alcoholic fatty liver is caused by obesity, type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, smoking. I don’t see how drinking lemon juice will prevent it occurring.

    As for lowering insulin resistance, taking lemon juice before eating or adding it to food decreases the insulin response to the food consumed. Surely the better way to lower insulin resistance would be to make better choices and not eat foods that cause a huge response ie processed carbs and sugar.

    Lots of people start their day with hot water and lemon, and it isn’t harmful, but I doubt that it makes a significant impact on health unless it is as part of a balanced and varied diet.

    I drink every morning but for preventing flus.

    I do triathlon and used to have lot of flus while in intense training. So I research some naturals ways to prevent it and I found this.

    I used to have like 3-4 flus in a year. I started drinking at march-2014, had one flu at june-2014, and never more. So, more than a year without flus, what for me is a great record.


    Taking lemon in water gives me cystitis big time….also my friend when she joined me!

    Eduardo, I’d hazard a guess that you’re confusing ‘flu’ with the common cold. Otherwise known as man-flu.

    It is working as lemon is acid but I heard also that adding apple cider vinegar to the food can also help reducing weight, so has anyone already tried it?

    Drinking hot water with lemon, cleanses your digestive system, making it alkaline, promotes healing, freshens your breath and rejuvenates your lymphatic system. It also aids in weight loss.

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