Dr. Mosley Please Write a Revised Fast Diet using 800 Cals Per Day!

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Dr. Mosley Please Write a Revised Fast Diet using 800 Cals Per Day!

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  • I hope this message gets through to Dr. Mosley.

    As I stated elsewhere on this forum, I am very excited to return to 5:2 using 800 cals per day. About 3 or 4 years ago I lost 7 lbs. in a month doing 5:2 500 cals per fasting day…but it was just not sustainable. I was STARVING on 500 calories. Now I have experimented with eating 800 cals in a day, and I can’t believe the difference a mere 300 calories can make! Now, I can’t do this every day like in Dr. Mosley’s 8 Week Blood Sugar Book, but I can do this twice a week!

    Yes, I know the topic of 5:2 on 800 cals was briefly discussed in that book, but let’s face it, the book was not focused on 5:2 fasting. We need a revised Fast Diet book with new guidelines, tips for fasting days, etc. A book whose sole purpose is 5:2 fasting. I just purchased Jacqueline Whitehart’s new 5:2 book that has the updated 800 calorie guidelines plus extra guidelines on fasting hours. Dr. Mosley WE NEED A NEW BOOK FROM YOU, THE MASTER!

    That is all. Carry on!

    Hi Sheryl-joie, My guess is that Dr. M. is writing that new book at the moment, or at least I’m assuming he is doing so. In any case, my sense is that we’ll be hearing more about this.

    From the interviews I’ve read in which Dr. Mosley speaks of raising the 5:2 calorie count, that he’s recommending 700 calories for women and 800 for men, which means an extra 200 calories over the original protocol.

    I see the prospect of 700/800 calories has generated a lot of interest from those who found 500/600 calories not doable, so it is good to see that so many have returned.

    Hi Minka, thank you for answering. It would be wonderful if he is revising his Fast Diet book. I know it seems silly to get excited over an extra 300 calories a day, but because of that, I feel I have found a way of eating that is sustainable that I can do for the long term, not just another diet that I give up.

    Here’s hoping he is indeed refocusing the Fast Diet book. I am on a 5:2 Facebook group, and a lot of people are upping their calories to 800 per fasting day and breathing a sigh of relief, because this is something that is entirely doable. Who cares if the weight loss slows down? Slow and steady wins the race!

    Fingers crossed that we get a new book this year! Have a nice day.

    Also, it’s my understanding that the 800 calories is for both men and women, at least that’s what he stated in his 8 Week Blood Sugar book.

    Hi Sheryl joie,

    Below is a link to the interviews with Dr. Mosley that you can read yourself, in which he explains that 5:2 revision which to me clearly states a 200 calorie increase from the original protocol.

    Yes, the Blood Sugar Diet allows 800 calories, though those 800 calories are meant to be eaten every day for 8 weeks.

    Women consuming 800 calories on FDs only may make intermittent fasting more doable though may take longer to achieve weight loss results. If it is a whole group that has decided to raise their consumption to 800 calories, well, it is up to each of us or collectively as a group. However, if following Dr. Mosley’s research and findings, he states that his recommended intermittent fasting calories are 700 for women and 800 for men on fasting days. Here’s the excerpt from the interview in which he clearly states that and find the actual link following…

    “You don’t need to stick to 600 calories. Cutting down to 800 calories a day seems to be almost as effective and for some people much more ‘doable’.”

    “It’s low calorie, without being superlow-calorie. And if you want to have lunch, you can slip those extra 200 calories in there.”

    Note that Dr. Mosley himself is a male. He speaks for himself that he consumes an extra 200 calories on fasting days which raises his total fast day calories from 600 to 800. The newspaper then extrapolated that everyone can now eat 800 calories because those who wrote the article never read the book or practiced 5:2 so don’t realize that women were only afforded 500 calories in Dr. Mosley’s Fastdiet book, so it is really a false headline and misleading article. Men have always been allowed a higher fast day calorie count. As you read above, Dr. Mosley speaks of adding an extra 200 calories to his own regime which brings the tally from 600 to 800 and I did hear him speak of this when being interviewed by a male Australian journalist who was also on a fasting day at the time. Below is the excerpt from Dr. Mosley’s interview that draws me to conclude that the new revision means adding in an extra 200 calories for men which equates to 800 calories for each fast day and 700 for women.

    “You don’t need to stick to 600 calories. Cutting down to 800 calories a day seems to be almost as effective and for some people much more ‘doable’.”

    “It’s low calorie, without being superlow-calorie. And if you want to have lunch, you can slip those extra 200 calories in there.”

    He told the Mail on Sunday: “If you are going to have lunch, have something like a nice bowl of hearty soup, or grilled fish and a decent pile of vegetables or salad.”

    I read it as adding in an extra 200 calories. It is the newspaper that concluded that everyone is plentifully afforded 800 calories whether male or female.

    FDs. This whole announcement of 800 calories in the headline just wreaks of inaccurate misleading journalism. What else is new, Lol! Anyway, that’s my two cents and it really doesn’t apply to me since I focus on sticking to eating 25% of my TDEE on my fasting days which has worked for me.

    Here’s the link…


    Also note Dr. Mosley’s sentiment that it ‘seems to be’ ‘almost as effective’, so the jury is out as far as I’m concerned.

    Here’s another forum discussion about the same that point out some interesting aspects of the revised 5:2 version


    I read that it is 800 for both men and women – and have just restarted 5:2 for the very reason it has gone up to that amount! Have completed 2 fasts already and have a feeling this time round will be successful! Interested to hear more on this.

    There was no science behind the value 500/600 calories on a “fast day”. It was just a number that Mosley thought most people could handle rather than a complete fast which people seem to struggle with. I suppose if more people attempt to do 5:2 as a result of upping the value to 800 then that’s a good thing. Personally I find it easier to go with zero on my fast days rather than fuss about what to eat. To each their own I suppose.

    Minka, actually, I have Dr. Mosley’s book The 8 Week Blood Sugar Diet where he talks about 5:2 as an alternative, and he definitely suggests a solid 800 calories two days a week for everyone.

    So, I’m going with what I read in the book, written by Dr. Mosley himself, instead of web interviews, which sometimes get it wrong.

    Whatever we follow, here’s to weight loss for all of us!

    Maryanne, I just read your post, and I feel the same way! Isn’t it amazing how an extra 300 calories on fasting days can make all the difference? We can do this.

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