Depression – anyone been helped or found it to deteriorate

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Depression – anyone been helped or found it to deteriorate

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  • Hi,

    As my question above states I’m curious to know if anyone has found an improvement or worsening of depression (type that worsens at the beginning of the day).

    Thank you for taking the time to read this.


    When I started doing 5:2, 5.5 years ago, I’d just been made redundant so was pretty depressed – although obviously for a very tangible reason. With 5:2 I felt like I was at least controlling one aspect of my life so it helped me feel less depressed.

    However, when my wife lost both her parents she found keeping up with doing 5:2 was too much for her and she didn’t feel that controlling that aspect of her life helped at all.

    So whether it helps or not is probably very much down to the individual.

    Taking positive steps on my own behalf has continued to improve my tendency to both depression and anxiety. But it has been a multi-pronged approach. Not burying my body under an avalanche of sugar was the start, and has likely caused the most significant change in my moods. But losing weight and feeling better has made me want to do more to take care of myself—putting on attractive clothes every day, getting a great haircut, new makeup, having my nails done…and that becomes more motivation to stick to the eating plan, and eat healthy food, and so I’ve lost more weight, and that opens more doors. Getting out and walking every day, sleeping better…etc. It doesn’t mean that every day is a blissful la-la land of positivity, but the trend seems to be generally upward. 🙂 The important thing is that you’re worth the effort and it’s worth it to have faith in yourself. Things can get better. 🙂

    I dont have depression but i have noticed my mood is going up and down now i am fasting.
    As well as tiredness day 1 &2 after fast day.
    Investigation this result more as i cannot live in this way.

    It is possible to overcome from depression with the help of ayurvedic treatment

    I am sure it could help.
    Although also check out (see section.. working with emotions)
    Mental health challenges take you on a journey, but keep exploring ways to find peace and your life will become richer for it. All the best 🙂

    Due to depression it is possible that someone going through frustration so they should have to do ayurvedic treatment.

    This is the way to treat

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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