December 2017 Challenge

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December 2017 Challenge

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  • Day 29 UK NFD

    Impromptu fast yesterday took my weight back down to 143 lbs, lower than Nov 30th so I am happier. My back hurt a lot yesterday though, probably due to the dairy and grains over Chrisymas compounded by the fact that I am sitting around too much in the evenings on these dark nights. I need my walks back. Roll on Jan 8th when the language classes start up again.

    Day 29Belfast CD

    I’m still hoovering up the Christmas goodies. Unfortunately I don’t have the resolve like you @awilson to put it in the bin! Never mind. It’ll soon be finished then zip 🤐!
    Was just wondering @fatrabbit did you get the snow and are your bunnies coping OK?
    @songbirdme thank you for your concern. My condition is not constant but flares up from time to time and my exercise reflects that; Pilates and swimming are ideal. Being sporty the thought of skiing sounds just fab! Ah well, we must count our blessings.
    @bert1802 – a very moving post.
    @EmmaTaylor you’ve started a landslide with that book!
    Thank you for dropping in @simcoeluv. I think that was a post many of us needed to read.
    @aljomisaza well done on your weight loss and have a great, guilt free holiday.
    @daffodil2010 – I am awarding you the Fabulous Faster medal🥇What a great achievement for sure over the Christmas period. I’m looking forward to hearing about your amazing trip when you return.
    I’ve decided I’m not fasting again until next Monday, which just happens to be New Years Day.

    Remember: Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow” Albert Einstein

    Getting ready to join you next month again.

    I am 2 LBS up this month which I am trying to lose for the end of the year.

    I am reading along and enjoying the posts.

    I missed my aged pa over Xmas which led me to a small (well medium) (ok large) overindulgence, I ate a packet of wine gums (a very large one) and two puddings, cheese biscuits with cheeeeeese and half a bottle of white port. Along with at least two bottles of prosecco and a half bottle of champagne. Exercise not going so well either.

    Feeling sorry for myself a great deal. A good wallow in nostalgia and tears.

    Still the new year becons.

    I have much to disclose including having DNAFIT tests, to try to target my calories more specifically. I am juicing too and adding healthy food. A big detox and headache yesterday. I went to Sainsbury and filled up on veg and fruit.

    Much love to all at Xmas and Happy New Year.


    Day 29, UK, FD

    So today WILL be a fast day not a feast day lol! Went to a party last night and enjoyed too much of the lovely buffet. Had a great night of socialising and dancing followed by the best night’s sleep in months. Feel great this morning and came down to a report on the BBC morning news about the rise in people giving up alcohol altogether. That will be a slow process but what I was particularly pleased to hear is that many young people between 16 and 24 are not even starting to take alcohol. They are more interested in being fit and healthy.
    Thanks so much @basyjames, @at, @awilson & @miraclelou for your support too. We are so in this together. I’m so excited to think about what we can achieve in 2018.
    @bert1802 – I remember your anguish well and admire your strength in dealing with it. I shall be proud to sit next to you on the wagon next year.
    @fatrabbit – you never fail to inspire. You also had a difficult period that you shared with us during the year but you didn’t let it stop you achieving your goals and more.
    Congratulations @Aljomizasa & @daffodil2010 on your great achievements – there are others too – and you are all wonderful, inspiring people.
    @rainbowsmile – you too have had a very tough year but you are emerging with your rainbow smile intact.
    @quebecoise – if you’re looking in, I’m still with you – just walking a few steps behind. But I will catch up.
    Missing lots of friends from throughout the year and sending you best wishes for the new year. Will be lovely to hear from you @coda, @okeydokey, @lynzm to name just a few.
    Thanks @simcoeluv – I will reread that article. I feel like you are an Angel of the forums – hovering above us all and dipping in with extra support when needed. Thank you for being there.
    And thanks too to our wonderful techy genius JJ who keeps us all connected and last but not least Dr. M. for bringing us all together in the first place.

    “You are what you think” – Confucius

    Day 29 Akron OH FD.
    This is the last Friday of 2017. This year flew by!!
    This will probably be my last post of the year as I am terrible about posting on the weekends; so I wanted to share a few thoughts
    This has been a great year for weight loss and general health efforts, for the first time in my life I have found a regimen or WOL that I believe I can stick with for the rest of my life.
    I discovered a supportive community of friends to share ups, downs, lows and highs with.
    I figured out that food is just food, and is not going away any time soon. Same with sweets and alcohol LOL.
    I realized that slipping up on my eating plan is not the end of the world, its just a detour and all I have to do is step back on the path.
    My heart goes out to all my friends who lost loved ones, jobs, had health issues or difficulties this year, it sucked but you survived and what does not kill you makes you stronger.
    Kudos to all the members of our team who met their goals this year, kudos to all who are striving to meet their goals, you win just by showing up every day and I am so proud of you all
    I would like to name names but I do not want to leave anyone out, I am thankful to all those who share their stories, their struggles, their words of wisdom, and tips for success. I am thankful to @coda for starting this monthly challenges and for those who have hosted throughout the year
    I am just thankful to have finally realized that “fasting may not win every battle, but it is winning the war every day for me”
    By the way OH was blown away by the renovations to our home, it helped that I did not throw any of his stuff away – just boxed them up and stuck the lot in his home office 🙂

    Day 29…..Florida…..CD

    So, I was lurking on Facebook this morning, after ready all of wonderful comments on how we all survived some pretty traumatic events in our lives. Well then I scrolled and stopped at a post with a women with wings and it said….” Someone said to me, I don’t know how you do it……I replied….I was not given a choice”

    I have always said through the struggles, we grow as individuals, as mothers or fathers, as brothers or sisters and as friends. They never define who we are they just enhance our abilities to push forward and shine.

    While we are never really given a choice on the struggles we face, we are given the choice on how we handle them. We are also given a choice on how we approach someone who is in the midst of struggles themself.

    In those times of need, we always seek a safe place. This safe place is a place where we always come too even in times of joy and happiness. This forum has become that for many of us. I know for me, seeing my struggles in written form has allowed me to see the probable in the midst of the improbable, the calm in the middle of the storm.

    I’m calling today a CD because Imnot sure how the day is going to turn out. I finished the last coat of paint yesterday. So today, I will venture out into the big bad world for caulking to go around the baseboards and some type of new flooring. The hubby is being a very brave man allowing me to choose it. I do this every day for a living, but it seems odd doing it for myself. Plus, I’m taking my OS with me, so he is either going to be great help in the process or he’s not. Seeing as I have not told him he’s going yet, it could go either way……lol

    Well……I’m off

    The non believers said the world was flat, but God made the world round as a simple reminder to keep going!

    @bert1802 well said…well said indeed.

    Day 29 – USA – FD

    Day 29, London, UK, NFD

    I feel the need to empty my brain, here goes!!!!!

    Further to some unsuccessful FDs…………..I’ve decided to write off December, but I better end it where I started this month or I’ll kick my own a*se!!!!! Currently holding steady….. Phew!!!
    This decision has been made because I appear to have turned water into wine in my best attempts to consume more liquid!!!!

    I really don’t like waste and I find myself thinking of emptying the house of treats by stuffing them down my throat!!! I wish I was more generous to others, or have your strength @awilson, unfortunately my grip is too strong!! LOL!!!!

    I hate the idea of wishing my life away…………… but ………………… I CAN’T WAIT FOR JANUARY 1st!!!!!!!! I will be getting comfy in my reserved seat on that wagon, holding tight to the Dry Januarians!!!

    I can empathise with lots of you out there………………………. Some areas of the rest of my life might be complete pants!!!! But this thing here; this forum; you friends/ fellow travellers; this WOL; this ability I now KNOW I have, to control the thing I believed for years that I couldn’t control, THIS; makes me feel like an absolute STAR!!!!!!!!! So NO self-flagellation, just reset, reset, reset!!!!

    To all those whooshing or meeting targets………………. I applaud you, I wish I was with you, but it gives me hope ‘cause I know you’re …………… just ……… like …………… me; I know you’re battles and achievements are mine too because you’re not part of that naturally skinny group who moan about the biscuit going straight to their hips (Yeah right!!!) When we say it we KNOW it’s true, your successes are my successes & no one could ever say 5:2 doesn’t work!!!!!!!!!!

    @daffodil2010, I hear you, those thoughts are NOT allowed …………unless watching this advert……………….

    Welcome back @rainbowsmile, this may be of interest to you, for my 2nd week in Jan, I’m planning to combine 5:2 with a blending (not juicing) challenge, if anyone else is interested, here’s the link, it’s all free too

    @strawberriesandcream, I saw the breakfast report too, thought of you and now feel as though I’m teetering on the edge of a cliff……………… maybe 1 dry month at a time!!!!

    I’m out for dinner this evening and although I feel like the reset doesn’t start until January 1st, I will be mindful!!!!!!!

    Onward & downwards people, we really have got this despite what those bouncy-bouncy scales say!!!!!!!

    Day 29 USA (Utah visiting) NFD

    I’m doing my best to let the daily exercise offset the calories I am eating, and so far it is keeping me at maintenance. Also really only eating one substantial meal per day. With wine. And small dessert. 🙂

    @miraclelou – Enjoy your ski vacation! Back when my DH was in the US Army, we lived near Wuerzburg (Wertheim am Main) and got to a couple ski slopes but not to Felder. We did Wildflecken, Garmish, and someplace in Austria… it’s been nearly 48 years since then! We laughed that for our honeymoon in the US we skied a small hill in Wisconsin then for our 1st anniversary skied the Zugspitze!

    Haven’t figured out when my next FD will be, so trying to make each day well controlled. I understand it will be pizza tonight watching football at my daughter’s boyfriend’s place.

    Onward and downward (or just stay controlled?!)

    Day 29 NFD Oregon USA

    Well friends I had a successful FD (525 calls) and am relieved because I was kind of worried that I wasn’t going to be able to climb back on the fasting wagon…still being new to this WOL and countless attempts to lose weight over the last few years were shaking my confidence and trying to send me down the self-sabotage road again. So achieving that one FD was a victory for me!

    I stepped on the scale this morning and have added back another.5 pounds. I don’t think I will hit my December goal but I am still 1.5 under November 30. Again-victory for me.

    I looked back at my calendar for the last two months and it included:birthday celebration, overnight sales retreat with company dinner and drinks, Thanksgiving, five Christmas parties, one girls weekend with brown sugar bourbon and cookies, big Italian restaurant night, Christmas Eve and Christmas feasting and lastly another midweek dinner and drinks at friends for the holidays. And somehow through All of THIS I managed to lose 6.5 pounds??

    This WOL works. End of story.

    Like someone said earlier–I don’t like to wish life away either but January here I come!! So excited to see what 2018 has in store for us.

    I also don’t want to miss anyone and appreciate all of your great posts this morning! Especially the long ones. 😉👍
    I have read them all and hold each of you in my hearts as I meander through the day.

    You are all brilliant and the very fact that you are here, checking in, just reading or posting all the time–means you are invested in making your life better.

    Cheers to all–and if that is sparkling cider in your glass I am especially proud for you! ❤️

    ❄️May your New Year be blessed and your pounds be less. ⛄

    Day 29 UK FD

    1 Dec 81kg/178lb, 22 Dec 78kg, 29 Dec 80kg (Dec goal 79kg)

    It’s my first month of this WOL, and a really eventful one in daily life and in my head. Over the last few weeks my mother’s been sick in hospital, I’ve gone from really down to comfortable and spent a fair few days exhausted, stressed, irritable and unhappy. Just beginning to catch up on sleep and with myself, and trying not to beat myself up as I rediscover equilibrium.

    After a few days’ emotional and indulgent eating I’m back to feeling as tho i’m wearing a fat suit. Waddling around behind my distended stomach and puffy thighs felt really strange today after a slightly more streamlined couple of weeks. I climbed on the scales this morning fully expecting to be heavier than when I started! Really pleased to have read @simcoeluv‘s explanation of speedy gain and loss, thank you.

    I’m holding onto so much of the experience and ideas in this forum, and the knowledge that others have also been through these feelings, this journey and come out the other side.

    Today is most definitely a FD. I’m thirsty as anything so drinking plenty of sparkling water and trying not to think about food until this evening. Most of what was in the house has gone apart from the cheese, there’s little carb or sugar but plenty of vegetables and fruit. SO glad I did good and mindful shopping before Christmas while my head was well-engaged in this WOL.

    Going to use the rest of today to try to get back into good self-care – make a fabulous veg stew or soup for supper and freeze ahead for future fast days, restart adapated yoga and meditation, get to bed early so I can make the most of my last quiet day tomorrow. Got a writing deadline to meet, but going to keep thinking about it and do the writing tomorrow. I need today for Me.

    Thank you all for sharing your stories and helping me feel connected. Together we are so much stronger.

    Day 28 – nfd
    Day 29 – Massachusetts – FD

    First FD in a week. I think I am well enough to handle it, but if I start feeling bad I have some soup at the ready. Not sure where the scales are at, just going to focus on getting back in the habit so I’m ready for January! Hopefully today will not be too hard.

    Reading all your stories and I am definitely part of the just throw it out camp. How I justify it is if it is going to negatively impact my health (either physical or mental) I don’t feel bad throwing it out. You come first!

    Good luck to all those fasting today! I feel like today will be a challenge…

    Day 29, Gozo, Malta, cd

    Bert1802 you’re inspirational. Also I loved reading other posts. I sometimes don’t read everything but when I do I love 💕 everyone s post and I learn to and get encouraged.

    Today we cancelled our tickets by catamaran to Sicily due to bad weather. We were thinking of going by plane and hire a car from the airport but I’m sick 🤕 with flu and we decided we’ll pick better weather and go in two months time. My daughter and husband are planning to go somewhere else in Europe such as France in the coming months too.

    I plan to reach target to maintain in January.

    Have a great evening everyone. Onwards and downwards

    Day 29 McMinnville Oregon USA – NFD
    Such inspirational posts these last few days. I’m grateful to have this group for support.
    I had a successful FD yesterday, came in at 530 cals.
    Today I have lunch with a girlfriend. She is pre-diabetic and a nurse practitioner and makes very good food and lifestyle choices. She’s another support person for me. I showed her the video posted by @songbirdme and she was impressed with the changes on a cellular level obtained while fasting.

    @flourbaby – Thank you for the link to the Blend Challenge, sounds interesting as I often have a blended shake in the morning so I signed up for it.

    Day 30/NFD/Perth Australia

    This will be my final post for December. Thank you to all who shared. I’ve loved being a part of this community. I’m so glad I rejoined back in February. No idea of my final weight but judging by my clothes I’m still under my goal weight and not far off my happy weight. Looking forward to a dry and healthy January.

    Hope all our Northern friends are keeping warm and safe. Thank you for hosting @bert always a joy reading your posts.

    Day 29, Cornwall UK, NFD

    Another weekly weigh-in today, and 1.3kg down on last week. It seems unbelievable but I kept to two fast days and was careful about food. This is the first time in my adult life that I did not gain weight over Christmas, so I am relieved. I was very worried I would sabotage six months of hard work getting my weight down.

    Total of 3.1kg for December. I am beginning to have some confidence in the 5:2 fast, now that I am losing weight through all sorts of challenges such as plateaus, feasts, annoying OH losing more than me, etc, etc. I had a good think today about the three times in my life I have managed to lose weight:
    – Atkins in the 1970s as a child
    – Fit for Life in the 1990s – very effective ‘plant based’ approach – did any of you try this? – I gave it up when I met my OH
    – 5:2 Fast + Med Diet

    All these approaches have involved restricting carbs and I have finally worked out what works! Every time I go back to ‘normal’ eating I gain weight, so I’ll try not to do that again.

    See you all in the January Challenge.

    Day 29 – Cumbria UK – NFD

    Yesterday ended up with a great FD, drinking lots of water, cups of tea with some skimmed milk and a glass of homemade Kefir before bed = total of 186cals. Weight this morning 53.2kg and I eventually broke my fast at around 1130 when out for brunch with OH – my favourite healthy sourdough toast, poached eggs and avocado 😋

    Had a great hike yesterday afternoon, brilliant sunshine but freezing cold – lots of ice patches on the fells and took lots of photos – gorgeous colours on the fells! And this morning I woke up to snow all around, cars had trouble getting up our road to the main road…..but again beautiful in a totally different way!! could have been in a small ski village ☺️

    I realised today that we have yet to cut into that delicious Christmas cake my friend made for me – I thought about it at afternoon tea time but did not feel hungry so am leaving it until the weekend to sample! Having a controlled day so far with my evening meal still to come – should end up well below TDEE!

    @bert1802 – sounds like you are firmly on that wagon – great job! Thank you for feeling able to share such strong sentiments with us – we definitely are like another family but with no judgement, just plenty of support and hugs when needed 🤗
    @Strawberriesandcream – I have downloaded the first 5 chapters of the book today and plan on reading from 1st January when I will be joining you for the first 2 weeks on an alcohol free journey before I fly to Australia….and I will check out the alcohol free wine from Tesco’s
    @diverdog – looking forward to hearing about your self experiment – you have much more self control that I have to completely exclude whole groups of food.
    @simcoeluv – thank you for sharing that link – I totally agree with @daffodil2010 words in that:- “I experience an easy come, easy go weight pattern especially after a weekend of letting loose. You are completely correct (I find), in that it just takes hopping back onto that 5:2 wagon immediately to get the weight moving off again. I love this WOE because of this ☺️”
    @aljomisaza – congratulations on reaching your goal for December – you can now enjoy your holiday whilst still staying true to this WOL
    @daffodil2010 – Another to have reached your December goals early so now you can enjoy your New Years Eve champagne celebrations….and following that a 12 day trip to Peru – how wonderful!
    @fatrabbit – going strong 👍
    @rainbowsmile – so nice to hear from you and looking forward to having your company in the January challenge. I still miss my darling mum having lost her 3 years ago but remember you have all the good memories you made together – these are never lost 🤗 A good wallow in nostalgia and tears never does anyone harm and I firmly believe makes you stronger xx
    @basyjames – loved your post and echo a lot of your sentiments and @flourbaby – loved your post too

    I am planning my second FD for this week and also my last FD tomorrow for this December 2017 Challenge – anyone else planning on one???

    Like @daffodil2010 I am also having a New Years Eve Champagne Celebrations on Sunday and planning on enjoying it all before I start my alcohol free 2 weeks in January with @Strawberriesandcream and others……..

    I just looked outside – plenty of snow left and on our road – which will no doubt freeze overnight……glad to be indoors feeling very cosy…….

    Day 29 – USA – FD

    @cornish-jane, I tried them all: Atkins in the 70s, Fit for Life in the 80s, Revised Atkins again in the late 90s, now 5:2. You are correct in that Fit for Life included veggies for breakfast and no dairy products; timing of meals was also key. Like you, the low carb approach was the only thing that worked for me.

    Day 29 – SW WA USA – FD

    Back home & going for an FD of under 800 – saving most calories for an evening social event. I have eased up on the “hoovering” as you spoke of @debster251.

    I’m amazed at how many are doing so well in December – such as @cornish-jane, @onahealthyhigh, @daffodil2010, and @fatrabbit and others.
    I agree that just being here & keeping on is also a great accomplishment.
    @mjrbcd44, considering all the feasting of the last 2 mo. you’ve done great!
    @anna6 – I hope you’ll get over the flu quickly.

    Together we are stronger! Thanks for your hosting this month @bert1802 and keeping us motivated.

    Still Day 29 –

    @at – planning on joining you for a FD tomorrow! Need to make up for quite so many NFDs that weren’t always as controlled as they should have been.

    Day 29 California NFD

    Yesterday was a FD for me and due to finished some work things late last night, I ended up at 395 calories for the day. I didn’t lose much, only 300 grams which brought me to 58.6 kg or 129.2 lbs. still, after all the holiday eating I’ll count it as a win.

    @cornish-jane, I think I tried most diets too. The most successful (while they lasted) were calorie counting and the WW Points system, and Dr. Fuhrman’s plant based diet. I tried Atkins and various versions of it over the years. Weight came off fast, but went back on even faster when I quit. I like fruits and vegetables, legumes and grains too much to have to limit them. And eating so much meat sent my cholesterol soaring.
    None of those diets were long lasting and the weight plus more came back quickly.

    I read about 5:2 in some internet article on a Wednesday morning of May 10th and started that very day, with 500 calories. I didn’t want to fast on a Friday, so I fasted the following day too. I wasn’t anywhere near as hungry as I imagined I’d be. In fact it was pretty painless. So I started fasting every Monday and Thursday unless I had something going on one of those days and had to delay a day or two. I’ve done 2 FD, and very occasionally 3, every single week since starting. No exceptions. I try to eat mindfully the other 5 days but I’m not always that mindful. There always seems to be 1 or 2 crazy eating days in a week. Fortunately the FDs seem to get rid of the excess. I lost around 4 pounds the first week and 2 pounds per week for a couple months after. As I get closer to my goal weight it’s harder to lose and more like a pound per week. There have also been some plateaus where I don’t lose any that week. But the scale eventually moves.

    The great things about the 5:2 is that it’s simple without any complicated rules. It can be explained in about 3 sentences. I don’t feel deprived. And I have everyone here to keep me going if I get discouraged with a plateau. I plan to stay on it indefinitely once I meet my goal, and continue with 1 or 2 FD per week, depending on how many it takes to maintain. It’s so simple, so why not? If I don’t, it will be right back to gaining it all back, just like in the past.

    Day 29, 2nd post
    My spontaneous FD worked out well, with 1 meal in the late afternoon and some milk in my tea or coffee…
    I think I will weigh in tomorrow, I am too curious…
    @cornish-jane wow! Great weight loss!!! Well done! Congratulations!
    It’s really great to read how many of us are doing well in December and are still losing or maintaining their weight. This is for sure not obvious in this time of the year! Except for 2 really bad days this month I am also very happy with my eating! And I am sooooooooo grateful for this wonderful WOL and this awesome community with you all!
    @songbirdme thank you for sharing your story about your time in Germany! I hope you have many good memories from it!
    Tomorrow I will go for a CD.
    Take care everybody!

    Dec 27 Sarasota, Florida CD
    Dec 28 Sarasota, Florida NFD
    Dec 29 Sarasota, Florida FD Not even a FD on purpose. I’ve got a bad case of bronchitis and I ate lightly and mostly drank water.

    Las Vegas NV
    Day 28 NFD
    Day 29 FD
    My first NFD with lectin restrictions went very well yesterday, however my OH brought home a nasty cold. I don’t usually succumb but last night I had a sore throat, sinus headache, chills and body aches. The only good thing is I don’t have any gastric distress and I have no appetite. So today is a unscheduled <500 calorie FD.

    I still feel nasty but I think it’s starting to break up a bit.

    Day 30 NZ FD Almost another year gone. Its gone by so quickly I’m sure the older I get the faster it goes. @bert1802 you say and explain things so well and your such an inspiration. @flourbaby I think I’ll join you in writing off Dec. I have literally piled on all of the kilos that I had lost in the last couple of months. With the support of this forum ,because I know that you all understand what it’s like, I will pick up the pieces and I’m really determined that January will be a new beginning.
    After stuffing myself with Christmas feasting I feel yuk. I have been at work today and had to use all of my willpower not to taste everything I was cooking. However I am now home with a cup of tea and am so proud of myself for getting this far into the day without succumbing. Did’t even eat the cherries and blueberries I took to snack on. They will be there tomorrow. Just cups of tea and coffee. Patients families have been giving the staff boxes of choc and other goodies. I didn’t even have one. That wouldn’t have happened last week. I would probable have had 5 or 6. Just having a plate of lovely veg for dinner. I’ve almost made day one of the rest of my life. Love and Joy everyone.

    Day 28 Second post

    I read this on Facebook by one of my favorite authors Anne Lamott.

    Had to share with all of you since we aren’t really on a diet… We know it is a WOL.
    It will make you smile.

    Day 30 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD
    December goal: 137.5
    Final December Weigh In: 132.5
    Total loss on December: 7 lbs

    How did I manage to lose 7lbs in December?? Possibly the imminent trip to Peru kept me on guard but I am patting myself on the back. Every other festive season has imploded in a weight of chocolate, cheese, crackers, mince pies, wine, Guinness, Baileys…..but the WOL plus this forum really kept me on track.

    Posting daily focuses the mind too.

    I have also tried a number of diets. I was always slim until I stopped smoking in 2002 and compensated by stuffing my face. My heaviest weight was 12.5 stone. At 5’2 that is very obese. I have been a member of Weight Watchers countless times..that was a thankless time as my average loss was a quarter pound a week 😨. The weight kept returning every time I stopped.

    Then in 2013 I found the Dukan Diet, successfully lost 50 pounds and kept it off for over a year. I was a regular poster to a Dukan forum, still friends with some of the girls on FB….but, as we all tried to maintain, one by one, we started to drop away. That forum has tumbleweed blowing through it now, and most of us put back on the weight.

    I want and NEED this WOL to work. Losing weight is relatively, emphasis on relatively, easy….its maintenance that is the hardest.

    Let’s keep the posting going 🤗

    @debster251 Aww, thanks so much for awarding me the medal. I am chuffed ☺️. You do know, don’t you, that it was you who held my hand in the first tentative steps of my first monthly challenge? You were hosting the August monthly challenge. So I consider you to be one of my 5:2 inspirations 🤗.
    @ Flourbaby 😆 My goodness me! 😄 I won’t mention that the boys take off their t-shirts a lot during the hot summer months 😱😱

    OK, moving very swiftly along…..

    @mjrbcd44 looking forward to joining your stewardship for January and
    @bert1802 many thanks for seeing us through this most challenging of months.
    @at kind words as always. And speaking of inspirational, it was both you and @annemarilyn that inspired me to try a liquid only FD back in August or September. I can’t thank you enough, it’s something I now use regularly and has helped me get where I am today.

    In fact so many of you guys on this forum have inspired me in so many ways….days when I felt like giving up, days when the FD was tough, days when the epic face stuffing was uncontrolled, hints and tips that I would never have thought of, giggles and laughs out of the blue, all of you have helped me the past few months, I look forward to continuing on in 2018 and hope that maybe I too might have helped someone with my daily ramblings. 🤗

    I love that this is such an international forum too, I love reading about your daily lives wherever you are in the world.
    Most of all I love this WOL 👍

    Day 30, UK, FD
    80.9 kg this morning, so yesterday’s get-together added a kg. Mostly Proscco I expect. Hopefully today will put me back in the 70s and then it will be down to having a controlled New Year’s Eve and I might just see in the New Year in the 70s…

    Day 30 UK NFD

    Have a horrible toothache that woke me in the night. Eating more fruit is not the best thing for teeth, although I am pretty sure this is just my wisdom tooth bothering the gum that is half covering it again. Repeated rinsing with salt water should calm it down. It isn’t pleasant in the mean time. I feel as though my ear is on fire and a horse kicked my face :(( I don’t want to take painkillers for the sake of my gut bacteria so am trying to be stoic.

    We didn’t get the most recent big batch of snow, just a couple of inches on Weds that was really wet when it fell and then froze solid so it wasn’t any fun at all for me or the rabbits.

    More positively it is really warm today and bulbs are starting to show themselves:))

    Day 30, UK, FD

    Some of you may know that feeling when you suddenly wake up in the middle of the night with your heart racing, accompanied by a feeling of sheer panic. In a split second you ask, ‘who am I, what day is it, what did I do last night, did I have a drink?’ I can’t tell you how overwhelming my sense of relief was when I was able to say ‘no’ to that last thought. My heart settled down almost instantly.

    I don’t intend or wish to be one of those people who starts preaching after they have given up something like smoking or drinking. But right now I want to enjoy every single wonderful feeling that I’m experiencing. Because, whilst right now I am not having any cravings whatsoever; no withdrawal symptoms of any sort whatsoever, I am not naive enough to think that it won’t happen further down the line. This is when I will need to draw upon all my resources, including memories of how good I feel right now without alcohol, to get me through any cravings. If only I was a drinker like many of you – able to have one or two, one or two times a week. But I’m not, never have been, never will be, so there’s only one answer for me. I am feeling incredibly happy this morning – despite a 4lb increase on the scale (my ‘be a goodie goodie plans’ have backfired spectacularly) I won’t make my December goal – nowhere near, but I’m probably the happiest I have been all year.

    @bert1802 – loved your post – spot on.
    @anna6 – under the circumstances maybe the weather has done you a favour. You can look forward to a lovely holiday when both you and the weather improve. Take care x
    @at – yes please – I’m joining you today after 3 lamentable attempts over the last 3 days.
    Well done @pamie on a good day yesterday. You are correct about time going faster as we get older. It’s called Inverse Proportion. All the more reason why we need to make every day count.
    Enjoyed those links @flourbaby & @mjrbcd44 🙂

    “We have two lives, and the second begins when we realize we only have one.”
    ― Confucius

    Day 30, Gozo, Malta, nfd

    Thanks AnneMarilyn I’m in bed right now and mean to stay indoors after taking my son to his private lesson and going to the hairdresser. My husband is bringing McDonald’s takeaway .

    Thanks Bert for hosting December challenge, the most challenging month of the year.

    Have a great Saturday before New Year s eve everyone.

    2nd post

    Strawberriesandcream you’re absolutely right. The bad weather did make me a favour as I feel so poorly and I’m trying not to feel sorry for myself. Yesterday my son brought me honey and lemon warm drink and while it’s nice to be pampered I wish I feel stronger.

    Have a lovely day.

    Day 30, London, UK, FD (Yeahhhh!!!)

    I’m so looking forward to todays’ FD, my train has been derailed for far too long and I’m determined to not only start this FD……………… but finish it too!!!!

    Gnocchi & pizza last night, oh well, it led to a sleepless night. I must have a memory like a sieve because I keep repeating the same thing with the same uncomfortable results!!! At least I know after todays’ FD, tomorrow I’ll feel as light as a feather!!!!

    Well done on staying strong in the midst of temptation @pamie, without sounding ungrateful, gifts of chocolates, biscuits and Xmas goodies are a nightmare made of all the things I never buy myself!!!

    Here’s a pocket list to get us to NYE just a little bit lighter, copy, paste and add your name if you’re fasting today and need a little extra support……………….


    Keep on keeping on people!!!!!!

    Day 30…..Florida…..NFD

    One thought…. then on to the juicy stuff! If you have not do it yet…. and depending where you are you only have one or two days to treat yourself……
    Anything but food!
    Because each and everyone of you has done a fantastic job of keeping it together. As mothers and fathers you have kept your family from falling off the deep end, as friends, you have brought someone through a storm, a children you given your parents a wonderful gift of laughter. Then to top it all off, you have placed one foot in front of the other everyday, taking care of yourself……
    Wow….. You have a unique super power! So, go ahead treat yourself….. can’t think of anything, then stop by the local florist and buy your self a flower!

    Yesterday, I had a semi controlled day….. almost lost it after dinner but recovered nicely! Today, I put the finishing touches on my master bedroom, finish laying the new flooring, caulking the baseboards and windows, replacing the socket covers. Then tomorrow, I’ll run a buy some new blinds!
    Then, this evening, the kids will be fending for themselves as OH and I will be going out to dinner to celebrate our 21st wedding anniversary! 21 years with this fellow…… makes you wonder which one of us is the crazy one…
    In all actuality, I could not imagine my life with out him, he is everything I am not, he makes my flaws less noticeable and my strengths like I’m super human!
    Our family motto is……We may not have it all together but together we have it all!

    I did manage to step on the scales this morning, and it was playing nice. It was showing that I barely made it into the 120’s this morning! I’ll take it! I have decide a final goal and then I will be going into full fledge maintenance rather than just playing on the side lines. So, it looks like 2018, is going to be a hell of a year!

    Well, I’m off!

    Just when you thought the ride would never end……. you blink at your at the end wondering how you ever made it through……… then you turn and see you children and they’re jumping up and down asking, pleading, begging you……That was so much fun….Can we do it again!

    Happy 😆 anniversary dear Bert1802. Enjoy yourselves. Your family motto is wonderful and I will adopt it.

    Day 30 – USA (Utah visiting) NFD

    Quick post. Went over TDEE yesterday for the first time in quite a while, but sure was fun pizza party with family and friends. And Ohio State won its football game! GO B10!! (says this Illinois alum…)

    Onward and ‘hold’ward!

    Day 30 – USA – NFD

    Good FD yesterday, below 500 cals. @daffodil2010, congrats on your 7 lb. dispatch! @anna6, feel better! @strawberriesandcream, well done and a heartfelt post; @bert1802, thank you for hosting December and happy anniversary! @pashaw, welcome back; your calm determination is inspiring.

    Looks like the 2 FDs did help whittle away a few lbs, but I’m up 1.2 lbs. from the beginning of December; bright side is this number is better than the 6+ lbs. that Cruella announced a few days ago!

    Day 30 UK CD

    Yesterday I blew through my FD calorie target on the home strait with late evening crackers – albeit chickpea flour, and without breaking into the cheese! Landed on 1000 calories for the day which is still well under my TDEE of 1750 and a great reboot from the puddings & chocolate-guzzling of the last week. Today’s reward was to be down to 79.5kg again, only 0.5kg from my original gentle December goal to lose 2kg.

    More importantly, not to be feeling that “my fat suit is about to pop” feeling I’d had the day before. I no longer feel like Santa, or as tho I’m waddling, and I can’t believe how much my stomach has gone down overnight. Still bigger than this time last week, when I’d had 3 good weeks and lost 3kg. But how it feels seems completely disproportionate to the weight loss.

    Clearly not all calories are created equal, and my body really does not like sugar or wheat or many carbs. I was pretty abstemious with baking wheat-free, gluten-free sweet things for Christmas – homemade mincemeat with no added sugar, unsweetened pastry, Christmas cake with no added sugar – relying on spices for flavour and the dried fruit for the sweetness, and putting plenty of nuts or ground nuts into everything. But my daughter brought some traditional iced ginger biscuits and maltloaf, and I’d wolfed the dark mint chocolates too.

    Today I’ll be back to baking a loaf of oat & yogurt seedy bread (not the sweet one with fruit), perhaps experimenting on the texture to make it a bit less crumbly with all the seeds in there, and have that as my main – only – carb thing this week.

    It’s 4pm already and I’ve got lots still to fit in. I’ve been ill recently and have spent a lot of time resting or fighting resting, and as everything takes longer, some things get neglected. But I’m going to make time for yoga and mediation – however stiffly, slowly, reluctantly – and to colour my hair and sort out some clothes for tomorrow’s outing, so that I feel prepared for whatever comes.

    It’s so important to have self-care at the start and the heart of what we do, both the inside and outside. If we are feeling right in ourselves we’re more likely to practice self-care, and once we’re looking after ouselves it spreads out to the people around us. I’ve been amazed that looking after myself makes it so much easier to be really present with others, and to appreciate the things and people in my life.

    Happy FD those who are fasting – you can do this. “Together we have it all!”

    Day 30, Las Vegas NV NFD

    I feel much better today, no sinus headache, chills, or body aches. I am still congested and I guess it will take another day or two to clear my lungs.

    B2B water fast and two days of eating on the plant paradox program has duplicated my observation of reduced pain in my right AC joint. It has been sore and stiff every morning for a year. Today, it feels normal.

    daffodil2010 congrats on your loss. Very impressive and inspirational!

    Day 30 – Cumbria UK – FD

    A damp and grey wintry day today – most of that lovely snow from yesterday morning is now gone – such quick changes in the weather!

    This is my second festive season where I have enjoyed all the festive fare but thanks to this WOL I am still maintaining below my target weight; and yet I have not felt deprived as I know that what I can’t have today I can enjoy tomorrow if I still want it……….
    I still enjoy the same foods but usually in less quantities but I have the peace of mind knowing that the 2 FDs each week ensure that any feasting I might indulge in is neutralised – I discovered this WOL in January 2016, reached maintenance in December 2016 and have been maintaining since, surely this is something to celebrate ☺️
    Like @califdreamer says this WOL is simple without any complicated rules with the added bonus of the flexibility of moving FDs to fit in around social commitments! The health benefits I gained are a great incentive to stay with 5:2 as a permanent WOL!

    @mogaman – hope you feel better soon x
    @pamie – holding hands with you on today’s FD and absolutely right in that January is the start of a new month and new year and we will all be here supporting you and you know that you can press that RESET button and move forward in the January Challenge
    @daffodil2010 – 😲 what an amazing achievement 7lbs off during the feast month of December – great job x
    @fatrabbit – have you tried clove oil for your toothache?? Just a dab the oil on a cotton swab and apply on the tooth or area that hurts and after a few minutes, it’ll be good and numb.
    @Strawberriesandcream – you can share your alcohol free journey here and enjoy every single wonderful feeling that you experience and no one will judge you – as you already know there are others inspired by you who will be joining you in this new journey and we will be there to hold your hand if you experience any cravings and need our support 🤗
    @flourbaby – Thank you for starting today’s pocket list and adding those of us who have stated an intention of fasting – it helps keep me accountable if I have any temptations
    @bert1802 – thank you for your thought of the day – we all need to remember that we can reward ourselves with lots of very nice things that do not involve food/drink! Happy 21st wedding anniversary and have a fab time with your OH celebrating x

    Especially for anyone who has struggled during this December Challenge remember that “SETBACKS ARE JUST SETUPS FOR COMEBACKS” Join us again in January for a great start to 2018

    I leave you with my personal motto for this journey we are on “If I quit now, I will soon be back to where I started. And when I started, I was desperately wishing to be where I am now”

    Day 30 – Massachusetts – CD

    Still sick – as I see many of us are! Whatever it is, it is going around – many of my family members and my nieces and nephews were also sick with the same symptoms. Mostly a lingering cough. Despite being sick, my FD yesterday was successful and did not really have any effect on how sick I am. Today I have not been very hungry so I am going to wait to see what happens and eat if I get hungry later. Not really paying attention to the scales at the moment since I’m sick, I’ll weigh in for the January challenge.

    Enjoying all the self-reflections, inspiring me to do some of my own.

    Good job all, and I will see you all next month!

    Day 30 McMinnville Oregon USA – NFD
    It rained so hard yesterday that our back yard flooded, and threatened the garage. It’s such an awful feeling to not be able to do anything about it at the moment. For some reason this just knocked me off my feet, had complete emotional melt down. I feel drained today.

    Day 30 California NFD

    59.5 today, down 100 grams. I wish I could say I was fighting for every gram this week, but truth be told, there were the 2 beer battered Icelandic cod filets and assorted sweet potato and regular fries (although I baked the whole thing in the oven) last night, and then several peppermint chocolate pieces of candy. Not a binge or anything, but still… I’m grateful for the 1 gram loss.

    Only today and tomorrow to meet my final goal of 58. And tomorrow night we’re having filet mignon with all the trimmings. Maybe if I can refrain from eating during the day.

    @michelinme, 1000 calories used to be what I ate daily and I lost weight at lower TDEEs than yours. So eating that one day on 5:2 doesn’t sound like the worst thing in the world if you don’t go crazy the following day. 😁

    @at, you have been one of my big sources of inspiration on this 5:2 as have other maintainers. Having living proof that the weight loss can be maintained long term is a huge thing for me. It keeps me going. And I have a feeling that maintaining may be more challenging than losing.

    Day 30 – SW WA USA – FD

    Hoping to make this a good FD along with the rest of the pocketeers. Yesterday’s FD was probably at about 800 cal or a little more.

    @Daffodi2010 – wow 7 lbs in Dec! Peru in the wings sounds like it was a great motivator! Maybe I should have focused on Peru in Feb for myself. Oh well, I’ve still got January.

    @Strawberriesandcream – this is a special forum; I’m glad you feel comfortable to share your journey. We’re definitely cheering you on.

    @bert1802 – Happy 21st! Enjoy your celebration!

    @awilson – so sorry you flooded. We were also under flood watch where I am but I don’t know how many were affected. It’s good to see the sunshine today.

    Glad we’re together!

    Day 30, Germany, CD
    Good CD but I am sick, caught a bad cold, sore throat… (too hard to explain in English for me 😂)
    Nevertheless, after finishing Marie Kondos book, I started decluttering my clothes yesterday and went on with it today. Very good experience!. My goal for 2018, besides maintaining my target weight, is to declutter my whole house! To make it a home I really love!
    Wishing you all a very good start in 2018!

    Day 30 NFD Oregon USA

    @awilson so sorry to hear about your flooding. Good gosh that was a terrible rainy day!! Awful. @annemarilyn said–glad to see the sun out today.

    Have been fending off a respiratory virus since Thursday night. So far not fully sick but not completely well either. Not how I wanted to end the year. 😜

    Hoping that I feel close to 100 by tomorrow. Have spent the last few years home on NYE and decided to make plans and set a new tone for 2018. Just want to encourage myself to get out and engage with life. Not be so homebodyish. Sometimes I feel like I keep waiting to be happy when I have gotten thinner or when more bills are paid or when…? Meanwhile life just keeps going along. Anyways I am hopeful that illness doesn’t derail my plans.

    So nice to see most of your names plugging into the January challenge.

    Thank you @bert1802 for your hosting and wonderful posts.

    ❄️May your new year be blessed and your pounds be less. ⛄

    Still Day 30 –

    @mjrbcd44 – I do hope you get feeling well in a hurry! It’d be nice to have a good start to 2018. I’m sure you’ll do great heading up January for this wonderful forum.

    @miraclelou – may you get well quickly as well. It’s no fun being under the weather.

    Perth, Western Australia
    Day 29 – NFD
    Day 30 – FD
    Day 31 – FD

    Day 31, UK, NFD
    79.5 kg. Yesteday’s FD went well, but not sure I’ve got enough of a buffer to start the new year in the 70s. Still, it’s a heck of a lt lower than where I was a year ago!

    Happy new year’s celebrations tonigh everybody!

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