Dealing with harmful thought processes – suggestions please

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Dealing with harmful thought processes – suggestions please

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  • Morning all, I’m 9 months into the 5:2 and it is generally working – glacially slowly but working, 16kg, so about 40% of my target. I’m currently struggling to get to the 17kg loss: I have plateaued before so I know its temporary. But. I find it hard to deal with my thought processes: Thursday was a fast day, Friday I was in the kg below, today I am back to the kg above. My immediate visceral reaction was guilt and shame and a feeling that this should be “punished”. Now I “know” this is irrational but how can I get rid of that sickening plunge – literally, I feel it in my stomach as a swooping drop – into unhelpful\harmful thoughts?
    I have a history of depression but have not been on medication for about 4 years and would prefer to keep it that way. I exercise by walking – 10k+ steps a day – I’ll probably do a few extra today. I have an absorbing (sadly sedentary) hobby.
    Grateful for any advice please.

    Well done on losing 16kg.

    Maybe you could start by weighing yourself once a week, on a morning after a FD until you get through your plateau.
    I only weigh myself once a week because I simply cannot cope with the ups and downs on the scale even though I know it is 100% normal and not about losing/gaining fat.

    Have you considered adding an extra FD into your week to get things moving again?

    How about finding yourself a new hobby, something completely different that will challenge you, take you out of your comfort zone and get you thinking about yourself differently.

    Hi Amazon, thanks for the thoughtful reply. I didn’t add an extra fast day this week but I have tried to be very moderate on non-fast days and I have upped the exercise and so far it seems to be working (as you see I have not managed to kick the daily weighing habit). We are planning a house move early next year – I think that may well be the challenge you suggest – its certainly quite daunting but also exciting. I will work on the once a weigh – I do like the boost you get the morning after a fast but you’re right it probably doesn’t compensate for the bad days. Thanks again for taking the time.

    Congrats on the 16kg loss! It sounds like you’re doing everything right and you’ve accomplished a good steady weight loss. Have you tried plotting your weight on a graph? Myfitnesspal has one in their phone/tablet app. As long as you’re overall trend is downward, why worry about the daily ups and downs? Mine can change as much as 2 kg in a week, but ending up in the same place. (I’m doing 5:2 for maintenance and eating quite a bit more on NFD than I did while losing.)

    Exercise doesn’t seem to do much in terms of weight loss. I was pretty sedentary during the 7 months that it took me to lose about 12 kg. But walking and exercise is definitely good for mood and for health, especially blood pressure. I’ve been trying to get at least 8000 steps in per day.

    I also had a few plateaus, one that was around 3 weeks. I finally got it to move by doing a couple weeks with an added FD. There was also the Great Halloween Candy Massacre that took place over about 3 or 4 days, but we won’t talk about that. 😁 (This year I’ll buy only 1 small bag of candy, something I don’t like. We never get more than 2 or 3 trick or treaters.)

    I can’t get past the morning weigh in habit either, and not sure I want to. I’ve just gotten used to the idea that it goes up and down, sometimes for no apparent reason.

    Id rather, it sounds like you’re doing exactly the right thing so no need to second guess yourself. No guilt and shame allowed either! Those scales have a mind of their own and don’t want you to get to your goal for fear of being abandoned. Perhaps a talk with that scale and reassurance that you will continue to weigh in even after achieving your goal would be helpful. 😆 And congrats again on a job well done.

    Hi CalifDreamer

    Thank you for the encouragement, it really does help, especially when you have a husband who gets kg and stone confused and tells people you have lost nearly 3kg rather than 3 stone…..

    I think an extra fast day for a couple of weeks is the thing – I have a wedding to go to 3 weeks today and while I can now wear the dress I was aiming for, it won’t hurt to do a bit extra in anticipation of the celebrations.

    The candy\chocolate is not the problem: I crave pork pies and I do like a gin and tonic, or two!

    The wedding was my incentive for starting 5:2 (knowing I would have to be in the photographs!) and I now have another to go to next June which will help me on to the next 16kg. Again, I have the dress already, from a thinner me, so that’s my next target.

    Good luck, Idrather. You can do it. perhaps a few less calories on a Slow Day plus the 3 Fast Days will get you there. Try reducing Slow Day menu by 100 calories each day for 2 weeks.

    Thank you fasting_me. So far the 3 Fast Days has just resulted in a gain! Breakfast is long gone so I think maybe lunch will have to go too for the next couple of weeks. I’m one of those who finds it easier to eat nothing than to eat a little which just sets off the appetite. However, I can now wear the aspirational smaller size jeans I bought earlier in the year so its not all doom and gloom!

    And still a gain on 3 fast days, reduced calories the rest of the time and upping the exercise to 14k steps. Pretty close to packing it in for a fortnight and then restarting. Probably.

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