Controlling blood sugar with diet and exercise

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Controlling blood sugar with diet and exercise

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  • Greetings all,
    This is my first post to the community! I would love to hear from other people living with Type 2 diabetes (T2D) that are choosing to control the disease with diet and exercise alone. I was diagnosed in June 2016 (A1C 7.7) and to date, November 30, 2016 I’ve dropped just over 50 pounds with diet and exercise; the last A1C was 5.7; I’d like to get it down a bit more. I’m on a strict low carb diet, but my fasting numbers first thing in the morning are still in low- to high-90s mg/dl range if I can believe the glucometer.

    One of my main concerns is my weight; my BMI is now 20.0, and I don’t want to go under. I’m not sure how to increase my calories without compromising the glucose numbers. Any one dealing with this issue in particular? I’ll look forward to corresponding. Thank you.
    Kind Regards,
    P.S. Learning about intermittent fasting has saved my life; it’s exciting how well this works to control T2D. I have told all of my friends and family that are struggling with blood sugar issues. The ones implementing these practices are seeing results! I’m so thrilled that people are finding the knowledge and power to take control of their health thanks to Dr. Mosely and other like-minded researchers and doctors.

    I think that is a remarkable turn around in the timeframe you’ve mentioned! A1c is a very slow moving average, about 3 months. So once again that change in 5 months is huge. At 5.7 youre right on the edge of dropping out of pre diabetes. Give yourself another 6 months and I think you’ll have achieved your goal! Your liver and pancreas will take time to repair. At a BMI of 20 I can see why you don’t want to go lower. Increase your fat intake. Cheese, high fat yogurt, avocadoes. Nuts like almonds, brazil nuts, walnuts are good. Stay away from any grain based foods.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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