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  • Hi Not sure if anyone else is confused with this

    I like the idea of doing a Lunch to Lunch or Supper to Supper 24 Hour Fasting Period so it only feels like half a day at a time but I’m getting totally confused with how to plan the fasting meal times.

    For instance if you do a Supper to Supper do you eat before bed then at lunchtime or not until 6pm-7pm the next day??? then after 8pm be back to normal? but not eat again until breakfast the next day??

    Again with Lunch to Lunch do you have a light supper and breakfast but not eat normally until 7-8pm that night??

    I’m probably being totally DOH!!! about this but am I the only one who is confused?


    I always think of it as skipping / minimising three meals without making up for them – so I generally do 36(ish) hours on 500 calories as I fast from one morning to the next.

    Not really sure I’ve explained that well! But I don’t have an early lunch one day, fast 24 hours and then have a late lunch the next. I’d have a normal lunch one day, then skip dinner, breakfast and the next lunch (or have 500 calories over those) and then have a normal dinner.

    I don’t think it really matters. As long as within 24 hours you only have your limited calories, and either side of your 24 fast you eat normally it should all balance out. I think its a personal choice as to when or how you split the minimised calories of your fast allowance.

    I must admit I am finding it also a little confusing I am 4 fast in which is not many I know and have been doing supper to supper and so far have not lost any weight but must have lost something as the rings on my fingers a now lose .I will hang in and see what happens

    I am doing lunch to lunch. I have a good meal at 1pm then fast from 2pm through to breakfast at 7 or 8 am. This means a fast of 17 or 18 hours. Then I am not sure whether to have a small lunch 300 cals then a proper evening meal. Or a bigger meal after 2pm. Lost a kilo 1st week. Hope to do the same or more this week. Any advice would be good.

    I usually start a fast day from breakfast through to breakfast the next day. But I have been finding that I don’t want breakfast on a non fast day. I’ve lost 7lbs in 2weeks.
    This has worked better for me than any other diet I’ve tried over the years.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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