Cinco de Mayo Challenge

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Cinco de Mayo Challenge

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  • Starting over. Cinco de Mayo has nothing to do with my diet, but it’s an easy date to remember, so I’m going to run with it. Would love to have some company.

    I was doing well on the 5/2 plan, but then life got in the way and I stopped. I’m at 265 lbs. now. The 200 is fine at my height, but I need to lose the 65. I hope to do that by Cinco de Mayo of next year. I’m going to go with Tuesday and Thursday as my fasting days, with only a light dinner on those days.

    For motivation, I’m trying to build in some mini-goals, the first of which is my nephew’s wedding in late June. I hope to get to 250 lbs. by then.

    What prompted the restart? Well, given this pandemic, my church has moved their masses online, and one Sunday I was asked to be a reader, meaning I read from the old and new testament. It had a large online viewership, and I did a good job. However, as I watched myself after the fact, all I could think was how large I am. People used to call me tall, dark, and handsome. Now I’m tall, balding, and obese. I’m healthy, but how long will that be true at this weight?

    So, here we go. Who’s with me?

    New Jersey (close to New York City)

    I’ll jump in!
    I have three months until my 60th birthday and I’m in need of accountability so here goes.
    I did 5:2 for a bit a few years ago and didn’t keep it going, instead I did Keto and lost about 25 pounds. During this time of Covid and stay home order, I’ve eaten bread, drank more wine than I should and clothes are getting tight.

    For some reason I was drawn back to this way of eating for several reasons:
    1. I do like bread – sourdough to be exact.
    2. I eat chocolate
    3. Life’s too short
    4. I know what it feels like to be lighter and I want that again.

    I think the two days of fasting are the missing ingredient for me. I like your idea of starting on Cinco de Mayo so I can remember. I’m planning my FD for Monday and Thursday, but since I’m starting today, it will be Wednesday and Friday for this week.

    I’m delighted to find this forum and like-minded folks.

    Hello CopyCowGirl,

    Good to meet you. Yes, this shelter at home business is no help for trying to lose weight. The refrigerator and the bar are way too convenient. As you say, Keto works well when you stick to it, but I love bread.

    Let’s update this post once a week so that we be accountable to each other. Perhaps a few others will join us.

    That’s a big birthday coming up. I hope that the restaurants will be open by then so you can celebrate the event right!


    Thanks Kevin!
    Tomorrow is my first fast day, here goes!

    It’s a new week – @kpmnj I’m fasting today – how about you?

    Tomorrow. Tues & Thurs. this week.

    Week one went well. 2 fasting days, and good exercise.

    Best of luck today!


    Week 2 Day 2 –
    Yesterday I had to travel and attend a funeral, and with that I ate some foods that were not my usual choices – rather than call them bad or wrong, they are just not what I would normally eat. Fasting today to counteract it – Hope yours went well!

    Cow Girl,

    I’m down 3 lbs, but I had hoped to be a little further along. I see the weight go down on fast days, but then I regain on the weekends. I’ll have to do a better job of avoiding the sweets on the weekend.


    Staring to make some progress now. I’ve been a little better about what I eat on my non-fasting days, and I’ve been regularly exercising, especially on fasting days. This has helped my weight, and my golf game.


Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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