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    Hello, I need some advice and on how to cope with fasting, portion size etc over christmas and new year week. Any help would be good.

    Lynette J

    Xmas is a pain for ANY diet and 5:2 is no different. It’s probably best to accept that you’re going to indulge before hand and just set yourself a date to get back into it ‘properly’ once the big days are out of the way. It’s a good idea to look at your plans over the holidays and try to pick 1 or 2 days per week that you CAN do your fasts on and STICK TO THOSE. On the ‘off-days’ just accept that you will be eating more than your TDEE but mitigate it by skipping breakfast, so you at least have 1 less meal to overindulge at and prioritising your indulgence to the foods that you’re REALLY going to enjoy and politely turning down anything that you’re not that fussed about. If you do that you will hopefully also find that you’ll fill up faster when you DO eat anyway.

    You will probably find that you ‘maintain’ or only put on a very tiny amount anyway (like you would on a holiday) and lose it pretty quickly, once you get back into the swing of 5:2, after the holidays. I only weigh myself once a month and for my first Xmas on 5:2 I think I still lost 2 lb between the December and the February weigh ins (I thought weighing myself on the 1st of January would be a bit harsh and unlikely to kick the year off in good cheer). Over the same period on my second Xmas on 5:2 I maintained the same weight between those 2 weigh ins and lost 3lb before the next one in March (which was the most I’d lost for a month in ages, so I was pretty happy with that as it gave me an average loss of 1lb a month for those 3 months together – which was my ‘normal’ average at the time).

    My plan is to stick to the two fast days anyway, monday and tuesday before Christmas, and monday and tuesday before Newyear. Perhaps no weightloss then, but I dont’t expect any weightgain either. Just enjoy the company and the good food, without overeating (or overdrinking ;-))

    Thank you for the advice. I will try to sort of stick to not over indulging over this period. If I can I will cut down on all the xtras. At the very least try to stay to meal times. I can get everything on track after 2nd Jan 15. I could not put off starting this diet any longer. I know this time of year is a difficult one. I will win the battle.


    Lynette j

    I probably chose the most difficult time to start this diet — today! Yes right after Thanksgiving and right before Christmas. I like the idea of 5:2 and if I understand it, it “fasting” only means cutting calories in half 2 days right? I’m really enthusiastic to try this because I have always been weight conscious but at 78 yrs old, I have been a sweet/carb junkie! Total fasting has been a part of my life for many years so this diet seems to be a good fit for me. Question: Do inches come off as well as pounds? ‘Cause I had already lost 9 lbs, but my belly, thighs and hips are overladen with fat. Will I also lose the belly fat and fat around thighs and hips? Let me know, please. I’m hopeful.

    “cutting calories in half 2 days right?”

    Nope, sorry velvet206, I suggest you look at the ‘How’ tab and the frequently asked questions and some of the threads for newbies. That is not 5:2.

    5:2 (for weight loss) is: 500/600 kcal 2 days a week and your calculated personal TDEE (or less) on every other day.

    Thanks this has helped loads. For myself I will try to stick to the rules. As long as I can do the fasting it is a start. For myself I am hoping this will go some way to shrink what my stomach needs.
    Still ok on the fasting today and I will be under 500cal.
    I know the cals needed on the other days. It may take me until after the holiday period to get the cal intake correct on non fasting days. I am aiming for end Feb 15 to get the cal intake down on non fasting days. I know my limits.


    Lynette j

    Sorry,Tracy J. I meant 500 calories for two days and my TDEE on the other days. For me, that was cutting my calories in half. Thanks for responding.

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