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  • New here. Hope I’ve come to the right place.

    I have been fasting since a few months. After a few weeks I started noticing that in fasted state, I had this clenchy feeling in my jaws, kinda like the feeling you have with chattering teeth.

    After another few weeks this feeling scattered throughout the rest of my body. A kind of clenching feeling resembling what you have when you have the chills/shivers, although I’m not really shivering. It’s also not really cramps.

    It’s very annoying, but went away with eating or when turning the heat up.

    Now, another few weeks later, the feeling doesn’t go away so easily anymore, not even with eating, and not when turning the heat up.

    So what’s up? And what to do?

    I don’t think I am experiencing quite the same thing as you describe, but I have noticed that now that it’s winter, I am feeling more uncomfortably chilled on fasting days — it’s just hard to warm up. I am not normally this way, in fact, I generally can’t wear a sweater to work because I get too hot running around the building. Maybe what you describe is a more extreme version of my experience of being chilly…?

    My mother always said that if you were cold, the surest way to warm up was to wash the dishes or vacuum the floors or do the ironing. As you can see, she was a home-maker.

    Several people have described feeling chilly on Fast Days. I suggest dressing in layers and having hot drinks like herbal tea fairly often.

    One possibility is a mineral deficiency.

    Review the balance and variety of your diet, ensure you are eating plenty of mineral rich foods. These include seeds, nuts, beans, lentils, wholegrains and cocoa/ low sugar dark chocolate.

    Albelli- I do get that too! Can’t offer any suggestiins, but you’re not alone!

    How about hot bath? Have you tried it? I often feel cold, I take a bath until I sweat. And wear several layers of clothes at home if it is not a time of sunny summer day.

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