Chia seeds–calorie count?

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  • Hello Group: It has been several months since I have posted. I am in the USA. I have followed the 5:2 diet plan in a modified format since late April. The weight has come off slowly and steadily. I will report in more detail in a later post. Regarding good foods to eat, does anyone know about chia seeds? Do they have a high calorie content? Would they be acceptable to eat on a fast day? Also, what are other ways to get natural potassium in the diet, as it seems that bananas are high in calories? honeylechat

    Hi, glad you are doing well. I just checked in my handy dandy calorie book, seems chia seeds are 140 calories per ounce(3 tablespoons). as for potassium, the only ones I can think of easily are rather high in calories. you might google high potassium foods and see what comes up. good luck, look forward to hearing more about how things are going.

    Following MountainMyst’s suggestion, I Googled for high potassium foods. See here
    Seems you would be better off (assuming savoury and not sweet) with Spinach, Squash, Yoghurt and Mushrooms, in descending order of potassium- banana comes 10th in a list of 10! Not many calories in those.
    Let us know what you decide, please.


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