Celebrating 1 Year of 5:2 Diet

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Celebrating 1 Year of 5:2 Diet

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  • Hi All, Started the 5:2 diet on September 7,2017. I am down 37 pounds and feel amazing. It has just become my natural way of eating and has become almost effortless. I hope you all have as much success as I have enjoyed.

    Happy Anniversay hopencolo.

    Well done!

    Fantastic! Happy Fast Birthday hopencolo!

    Good job, hopencolo. Your story should inspire others to have hope where they live too that they can turn their lives around.

    Great job! Very inspiring indeed.

    Congratulations! Today is my first day and I hope to have the same will power and determination as you and post something similar next September!

    Good luck, MrsMonger.

    Fasting today: Mushroom & Ham Omelette with plum, coffee, and smoothie for breakfast. Lamb/Vegetable kabobs for dinner.
    What do you eat, hopencolo? MrsMonger?

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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