Can't digest any carbs after 7 day fast

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Can't digest any carbs after 7 day fast

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  • Hi, just going to introduce myself quickly

    Since i have been diagnosed with a form of inflammatory arthritis 9 months ago i have been doing some digging to help with the pain. The meds are not working and the more potent ones they are offering come with worse side effects.

    Doing my own research reading abstracts of studies from pubmed, british medical journal i followed a 7 day fast (ended 1st July) before moving onto an elimination diet. The calories was slowly increased, would start with very small frequent meals of really diluted mash before building up to edible food.

    Rice, potatoes (sweet pot caused a flare up), oats etc i just can’t seem to digest them. I have had mashed potatoes, ensured i didn’t freeze and reheat the meals and im still having no luck.

    I don’t suffer instant diarrhea after a meal or suffer any bowel distress. I go once a day normally and the only difference now is the rice/potatoes can be easily seen, there isn’t any brown or form of a log in the bowl.

    This wasn’t an issue prior and if anyone could help i would be truly grateful.

    @bill Id be seeking professional medical advice! The lack of any brown pigment could be a blocked gallbladder or some other similar problem. Its the bile that gives stools their colour. Seek medical advice!

    Maybe your gut flora are screwed up. Green smoothies might help set things right, but ease into them slowly to avoid too much of a jolt to your intestines.
    But as BigBooty says, ask your doctor about this. How were your bowel movements prior to the 7 day fast?

    Normal, everyday, maybe skips a day but they all came out like you would expect and i wouldn’t have this completely undigested food in the bowl.

    I will take Booty’s advice and in the meantime trial some bile salts and see if that resolves it.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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