Can fasting help to stop cancer returning.

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Can fasting help to stop cancer returning.

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  • I am a year down from major surgery and chemotherapy for aggressive bladder cancer. My last scan was clear and I want to keep it that way. Has anyone had any positive bennefits with fasting and cancer remission.

    Hi Boxo
    I am not a doctor and have never had cancer. But I saw this on Youtube and it purports to answer your question. I have also come across a few other sources which support this. Here it is:
    I think Dr. Jason Fung’s work also supports it, for example.
    I suspect that the bottom line is that fasting is good for you and especially good for you if you are overweight. Obviously bringing cancer into the mix complicates things, because it introduces a load of additional issues. You have to decide for yourself but, if I were in your situation, I would go on a fast of some sort. I have come to intermitten fasting as a result of being overweight. I have now reached my goal weight with a BMI of 23 but I am continuing to do a 16 hour fast every 24 hours. I also walk 5 miles every day. Exercise is not essential for weight loss but it does help maintain good health in a more general way.
    Good luck.

    Hi Boxo, like Mark I have no medical experience nor can I give you a definitive answer to your question. He mentions Dr Jason Fung, a good starting point, find his talks on You Tube. Google Valter Longo, a leading expert in Fasting research. He and others have recently developed the “Fasting Mimmicking Diet” or FMD. A lot of research done with mice and a project done with 19 humans. It is alleged among other things to reduce the incidence of cancers returning but much more research needs to be done. Check out Dr Mark Mattson. Also go to Google Scholar and research Fasting and Cancer, you may find research abstracts of interest. Dr Michael Greger (a vegetarian) had published a book “How not to Die”” in which he discusses the impact of diet on various health issues including some cancers.You may find his book in your local library or in Amazon. These suggestions are for research and information only. I cannot say if they are effective to any degree in terms of cancer prevention but it seems that more evidence is emerging that diet and different types of fasting can have a positive impact on our health outcomes.
    Good Luck.

    Thank you Mark and Couscous for your comments. I am following up your links as I write. I have been doing the 5:2 diet for 3 weeks now and have lost 6 pounds which I am very happy about. As a Breast and Bladder cancer survivor I will try most things, within reason, to try and survive as long as possible. All the findings I have read up to press look very interesting. Thanks for taking the time to answer my query and hopefully one day research into this area will make us healthier and it will pass down to future generations making a healthier world.

    Hi Boxo,

    As soon as you stop eating, we are talking within 3-4 hours, your body starts to heal, detox, and grow. “Fasting is one piece of the health and healing puzzle and when combined with others like the appropriate exercise, eating habits, stress reduction, goal setting, and self and bodywork like chiropractic care, massage, yoga, meditation, and motivational reading, the stars become the limit.”

    You can check Dr. Don Clum, who also had cancer but he had implemented advanced fasting rotation and has helped many people overcome this. He has a client narrative who had cancer at 74 years old, and her doctor pretty much gave up on her but now is the “go-to” person to help other senior church friends carry stuff after working with him. You can do this!

    there is some evidence that fasting may help to reduce the risk of cancer recurrence, more research is needed to determine the exact effects of fasting on cancer remission. If you are considering fasting as a way to reduce the risk of cancer recurrence, it is important to speak to your doctor first.

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