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  • I flamin’ well love this lifestyle you know, been doing it almost a full year and I will never look back. I’ve done my fast days for this week so when a colleague offered me cake in payment for helping her out with something just now did I need to demure and do the usual “Oh no I couldn’t possibly”? Did I heck! Straight in there I was….massive wedge of cake for breakfast – THAT’s my kind of ‘diet’.

    If it’s your fast day today – sorry for dangling that in your face but just think – you could have cake for breakfast tomorrow if you want 😉

    Mmmmm… Cake… I’m fasting today and, unusually, am really struggling with the hunger pangs. At least the beauty of this plan is that I can go stuff my face on cake tomorrow if I wanted! Hope yours tasted good, TraceyJ! Anyone else struggling with their fast today?

    Must be something in the air this week – I’ve been having a terrible time fighting temptation on my fast days too. Still – it’s a marathon not a race and the odd ‘bad’ day in amongst lots of good ones isn’t too bad.

    P.S. The cake was fantastic – she’d made it herself. I probably shouldn’t have had the second slice *wedge* though – that was probably my entire day’s allowance of calories in one go… Oh well.

    Hey this is my very first fast day. It’s going ok. Feeling the hunger but so far its manageable. I’m planning on having my meal in an hour or so and then thats it till tomorrow morning. Not sure if I’ll have cake tomorrow I’ll def enjoy whatever I have tomorrow.

    Singstar, good for you and good luck with your 5:2 journey. I would like to stress that cake for breakfast isn’t normal for me and probably wasn’t my best idea (the day before my monthly weigh in – Doh!) but it is the beauty of this lifestyle – you can do it, if you want to and it’ll still fit in with your ‘plan’.

    If you’re anything like me you’ll have woken up the day after your fast with absolutely no burning need to hit the cornflakes but that’s the beauty too – everyone’s different and finds their own way of ‘doing’ this ‘diet’ that’ll fit in with their life and their personal needs.

    Haha! Tracy, I loved your first post! A massive piece of cake for breakfast! Way to go!

    That’s why I love this plan. I just can’t understand folks counting calories on their “eat” days (I see a lot of that on another site). For me, it defeats the whole purpose of this way of eating.

    About 6 months ago I followed this plan for a month and lost 7 lbs. painlessly. But then I got stupid and went off it! I lost 7 lbs. that month just eating normally for 5 days (and yes, I admit even overeating a time or two). I never counted calories except on fast days. So that’s what I’m doing now. I just restarted today.

    Don’t you just love this way of eating?

    Hi Tracy,
    I just read your profile and you are amazing. You are living the lifestyle that this program promises. Really well done. Thanks so much for commenting on my post. Being my second day ever on the program I am a little addicted to coming onto the website for inspiration. You are very inspiring. Thank you. Jenn

    gfsher – Hell yeah I love this way of eating & good on you for getting back on the horse. Whatever made you get off last time, I hope you find it easier to cope this time. I know there are lots of topics & support for all kinds of issues here, so hopefully we can all help get you through any problems this time.

    fatgirlslim4life – Aww, bless you, what a lovely thing to say. Good luck with your journey and I look forward to reading about all of your successes along the way too 😉

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