Bread on Fast Days

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  • Can I use two slices of brown bread, 100 cals each on my fast days

    You could. I’d rather get my calories from lean protein. The protein keeps you feeling fuller longer. Is fiber your concern? What else do you plan to eat on a Fast Day?

    You can eat whatever you want on fast days, so long as it keeps below your calorie limit.
    It might take bit of trial and error to work out which things suit you best. Protein and low GI food are recommended as they tend to make you feel fuller for longer.
    Best wishes.

    Hi, I’m back and trying again. Looked at the new Fast 800 diet combined with Time Restricted Eating concept. I have adopted the TRE concept but feel the original 5:2 calorie load I can cope with. Struggling with recipes as those in the book use a lot of UK foods which are unavailable here in South Australia. When I was doing this previously there were quite a lot of recipes posted by followers but can’t seem to find them anymore. It has been a while since I was logged in here though. I am an optimistic 79yo female hoping to shed some kgs! It ‘aint as easy as it used to be as I can’t exercise much due to back and chronic knee problems. Hope to pick up some good tips here!

    Hi Shoshanna, welcome back to 5:2. I hope you can make it work for you this time. Here is one of the recipe threads hopefully it can give you some ideas and inspiration.

    Hello person from the Rejuva Aesthetica Cosmetic Surgery Clinic. Fasting does mean to abstain, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t eat any food. Think of Lenten fasting when people observing Lent don’t eat meat, or the Ramadan Fast where you still eat before sunrise, and after sundown. With 5:2 the abstaining is from the full days calories. When Dr Mosley wrote his book he was clear that the limitation was simply not to exceed the fast day limit, you can eat and drink whatever you like.

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