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    I have some times That my blood sugar drops and I feel shake and dizzy. I am no diabetici. I read fasting is good for insulin. But how do you do this ?
    I 1 meal or 2 what about the dropping?

    I will make some assumptions. When you say your blood glucose is low you have measured this and had it confirmed. You have no known underlying medical condition that is producing this effect. If you are overweight and in particular have visceral fat surrounding your pancreas and liver then the function of those two organs will be severely compromised. You need to reduce the amount of visceral fat and increase the functioning of those organs. This is not a quick fix and will take 6-12 months depending on your current state. Fasting will help and whether you have nothing, one or two meals is up to you. What is more important is that you change your diet so that sugar and processed carbs are eliminated. You don’t have to go keto, but the carbs you eat must be locked in fibre. That means non starchy veggies, some fruit, select the more tart fruits, beans, legumes. Fats like cheese and plain greek yogurt. Avoid sugar, and processed grain based carbs like bread, cakes, biscuits pizza, breakfast cereals. Do not eat anything that your great grandmother would not recognise as food. No alcohol as this just adds to the visceral fat around your liver.

    There is no magic bullet. You want it? You need to put in the hard yards. Good luck.

    I have suffered from low blood sugar for years, tested etc. and avised all manner of fixes, eat more frequently, seemed to be ther overall consensis or cut out the carbs full stop. Eating more frequently would be a one way street to diabetes and cutting out the carbs, well that’s a delight isn’t it. I started this diet 6 weeks back and haven’t had an episode since. Saying that, I don’t do sugar or go large on the carbs, never have as I know the outcome, but it was getting rediculous, porridge, full fat milk, no sugar, 2 hours later, low blood sugar. There was little I could eat that wouldn’t have the same effect 2 or so hours later.

    I was a little wary starting this due to having an episode, but, hasn’t happened and I’m becoing more confident in what I’m eating. Now, when I get hungry on a non fast day, I’m not getting worried that a low blood sugar episode is iminent.

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