Beginner on the diet, advice pls

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  • Hello,
    It is my first week on the 5:2 and i have completed my two fasts on Sunday and Tuesday. I am 2 lbs lighter then the same time last week, but i am just worried that by then time i have had my NF days, i will have regained the weight.

    Also, i split the 500 cals as b: 100, 2pm : 200 cal, 7pm 200 cal. I find it quite hard if i do not eat during the day. Is this a good sloution, also my fast days were Sun and Tues, should I include one more on Friday.

    I am having around 1600 cal on feed days and exercise twice a week for 45 mins.

    Thank you any advice will be appreciated.

    Your plan sounds fine to me (assuming you’ve done the TDEE calculations). Don’t worry about the weigh in and only do the Friday fast if you feel you actually want to. You need to keep this lifestyle going longterm, so don’t make it a slog. Don’t freak out if you find you haven’t lost that much when you do your proper weigh in next week either. Some do lose right away, some don’t. If you don’t then make sure you’ve got your start measurements and give it a few weeks. You may find that you lose inches first and then weight later – some people do (not me, I was the other way, lost lots of weight but had no clue that I had because I wasn’t weighing myself and hadn’t lost any noticable inches for the first few weeks).

    Just keep going and give your results a chance to show before you start to worry about anything. If nothing else, you should have the lovely health benefits and gorgeous skin to keep you motivated in the interim.

    Hi Branble – I am by no means an expert – but I am 2 weeks in with a loss to date of 5.5lbs so feeling extremely positive and motivated.

    I think that the basis is simple arithmetic really. Over a 7 day period, if you eat the calories as calculated in your TDEE you will stay the same weight.

    If however, you only eat 25% of this number on 2 of the 7 days and stick to the full TDEE on the remaining 5, then you have eaten less overall in that period and should see a weight loss. The exact amount will vary from person to person – but Ithink it is sensible to weigh once a week at the same time to track your progress. It is the overall weekly calorie deficit that means your body makes up the shortfall by using fat reserves.

    If you add a 3rd fast day and/or increase exercise which burns calories then your rate of loss will be quicker.

    Hope that helps and good luck 🙂

    Well done on your loss. Keep up the good work.

    Too many people fret about the calories they consume on non fast days. Unless you stop losing it’s clearly not an issue 🙂

    Thank you all for your support,i feel much better about the programe and am looking forward to continuing.

    .8213 loss per week

    after 7 months

    i guess it is better than

    nuttin honey


    what is everyone averaging a week?

    fasting 2day energy super up distracting myself on this forum

    wiltldnrUSA, .82 loss per week for 7 months is *fantastic*! After all, that is the kind of weight loss after which is is possible to *keep it off*!!! You go, girl!

    Mine is 0.8 lb per week according to the calculator. However, I’ve been doing this over a year, so that equates to 42lb (or so….never actually took an accurate start reading).

    Pretty damn happy with that I have to say. For goodness sake peeps, I do wish you’d all stop weighing yourselves every few days, once a week would be too much for me. How depressing!

    I kind of agree with TracyJ. However, many of us do this to loose weight and the scale becomes the judge of success or failure.

    My advice to anyone starting is to focus on fasting first. In stead of letting the scale be your judge, you judge your success by how well you feel about fasting. Yes, most of us feel hungry (we carry a lot of ‘fuel’ but we are not used to run our motors on that). However, we may also feel that our stomachs are flat on fast days. I recall how I was totally euphoric when I realized that my belly felt light on fast-days (not because I’ve lost any fat but simply because it was empty). This was motivational.

    So focus on fasting first: Look for – and if you want to: record – all negative and positive sensations about your fast days. Measure progress by how the negative sensations get less and less while the positive sensations get more and more.


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