Are lots more veggies to keep full on fast days OK?

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Are lots more veggies to keep full on fast days OK?

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  • Hi all, I’m on my second week of fasting. The first week went well, just a bit hungry – however I’m finding this week a bit hard. I’ve hurt my back and struggled on my first fast day this week. I was so hungry – but when I look back at what I ate this week, I noticed I ate a lot less veggies than last week. Would it be OK if I eat heaps of veggies with a little protein – that still adds up to 500 cals? I know it’s best to have no brekky but I don’t seem to be able to do that? I’m having a protein shake and then two salads with veggies. I was thinking about adding some blueberries for dessert and extra steamed vegies to my meals or carrots etc? I’m not sure though, because I know you are meant to have windows of no eating during the day? Any advice would be very appreciated!

    Hi Summerannie and welcome:

    First, there are no ‘eating windows’ with 5:2. Many people find they are less hungry if they eat one high fat/protein meal in the evening, but there is no requirement that they do that. You can eat as many times as you want on your diet days as long as you stay within the 500 cal limit.

    Second, you can eat anything you want, both on your non diet and diet days. I suggest you eat foods you really enjoy eating as long as you stay within the 500 cal for diet days and TDEE or less for non diet days.

    Here are some tips for those just starting 5:2:

    Good Luck!

    Hi again Summerannie
    As Simco says, eat what appeals to you within your 1/4 TDEE or less (that isn’t necessarily 500 cals). Eating foods that fill you and have low calorific count are a better choice when you are eating limited calories. Compile a list of foods you think you’d like on fast days and check out their calories. If you can eat a whole heap of them for a few calories they are going to be a better choice. Lettuce, tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, garlic, shallots, spinach. carrot, asparagus, beetroot, chilli for example are a much better choice on a fast day than potatoes, rice, pasta, bread, cheese, sugar, cakes. You could have just 3/4 bottle of wine, but you would feel very hungry!

    The main reason many of us, long term fasters, eat fewer meals is that it is easier and seems to help with sleep. By saving my calories until a late lunch or even only dinner, I don’t have to think as much about the number of cals in it and it feels like a proper meal. It took me about a year to get to this, though.

    There are recipes on the ANZAC Recipe thread and the LOACA recipe thread here as well as lots of ideas online once you know what you are looking for.

    Rule of thumb, I cut out all white carbs, all alcohol or sugary drinks, most dairy and fatty meats on fast days initially. I increased the taste massively by using chilli, garlic, ginger, lime, lemon, and increased our leafy veg and fish. After a while I got very good at knowing what was ok. It takes hard yards initially, but SO worth it. Play around.

    I still struggle on some fast days, but the beauty of this is I can just drop it and do it again another day. After all, you are only trying to do 2 days a week. We all have off days no matter what our eating pattern is.

    Keep up the good work, PVE

    Thank you so much! You have both answered any doubts and questions I had lingering! I was so run down after my last fast on Monday and was pretty scared for tomorrow. Now I am going into planning mode with this new info and feel a bit more confident I will get through! Thanks again, have a great day!

    What I find best is soups or broth usually vegetables and I liquidise them, if you eat food and drink liquids, the liquids often pass through your stomach wall (a short cut) but by eating soups this does not happen so you stay full longer.
    I believe that you have to eat breakfast is a MYTH, I went many years without ever eating breakfast, just a cup of coffee and off to work, now that I have retired I eat breakfast with my wife, and the pounds have piled on, thought of going back to skipping breakfast, but I do enjoy it so much.

    Regards Stuart

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