Applying the fast diet in spain

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Applying the fast diet in spain

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  • Since moving to Spain 18 months ago i have gained 6 kgs and for the first time in my life have a raised cholesterol and my ratio places me at high risk of heart disease, according to results.
    I am motivated but whilst i can manage 2 days fasting, unfortunately the other days are sometimes feasting, as Spanish people are very hospitable. The diet is quite high fat with chorizo and cheese being the baddies. One of the big issues is that large amounts of food are served – like many courses, they just keep coming, and it is hard to be rude and say no more (although i have tried believe me). so i am hopeful of some weight loss but not sure whether this diet is built for the feasting mentality of Spain. anyone else in Spain giving it a go?

    Hi there Ginger.

    I dont live in Spain lol but am sure 5.2 is being tried and followed all over the world ๐Ÿ™‚ if you havent already calculated your TDEE then do so ( top of the page under the “how?”section) then maybe you will have a clearer idea how many calories you should consume on feed days, give it a go!!

    Good luck ๐Ÿ™‚

    thank you angie for your suggestion about calculating my TDEE. may i ask where in the fast diet book that is mentioned, because I for the life of me cannot find it. It seems to go against the whole concept that one can eat freely on other days than the 2 fast days. I guess perhaps I am not destined to be one of the lucky ones who can eat “whatever they want” on the non fast days and still lose weight.
    My weight is slowly going down now that I am watching my diet on normal days, but I don’t want to be a calorie counter every day.
    I am also finding fasting difficult in cold weather. I seem to feel the cold more on fast days. Soups are becoming my saviour, with a modified spanish lentil soup, no pig fat, but just lentils, carrots, onions, and lots of greens, providing warmth and keeping me within the 500 calorie limit.
    It is hard though living in a country where the provision of hospitality very much involves the provision of food, and to not accept that hospitality is somewhat of an insult to the host. I think I will have to be a hermit for 2 days a week, or leave the village for my fast days.
    I am telling myself that hopefully even though weight loss may be slow, there are other desirable health benefits, such as in my case hopefully, the lowering of cholesterol, particularly that all important ratio.

    @ginger meggs if you go to the ‘how?’ link at the top of the page there is an explanation of BMR/TDEE and a calculator.

    It may not be mentioned in the book as it may be something which has come up after the book was published since people sometimes take the ‘eat freely’ instruction too literally. Michael Mosley has published a more up to date edition I believe and it may take these things into account.

    On your non fast days you can eat WHATEVER you like but NOT HOW MUCH you like and the easiest way to stay within a reasonable amount is to eat ABOVE your BMR and UP TO your TDEE. It can help to track calories for a couple of weeks when you start so that you get used to the correct portion sizes to get the best out of this way of eating.

    5:2 has gone global so I’m sure there are others in Spain following it. when you are offered hospitality, maybe try saying ‘5:2 today’ you may be surprised how many people know about it ๐Ÿ˜€


    Hi Ginger, I, too, live in Spain and have been here for 10 years. I’ve gained 15 Kg over that period so I can relate to you…. Iยดm starting IF today and am quite excited about it. Iยดm not new to fasting. I know I can fast so I don’t expect a problem with that, especially since it’s not even a real fast. I’m planning to be flexible with it though… If I have a dinner/lunch party, I’ll just switch my fast day. The rest of the time, on a social level, if I happen to find myself in an unplanned eat/drink situation I will indeed tell people that I’m abstaining that particular day. I see it also as a possibly wonderful opportunity to introduce another person to the principles of IF. I feel it would be mean to withhold such potential powerful information from others. I’d say, let’s share!

    On the topic of limitations on feed days, I reckon it’s common sense to interpret ‘eat what you like’ as eat normal. Don’t binge…. And eventhough I can be a bit of an over eater myself (hence plus 15Kg in 10 years) I also do know that fasting in general is a bit of a reset-button-process, i.e. appetite will become more normal after a while.

    I, too, make always way too much food, especially when I have people coming over but we don’t have to eat copious amounts of everything do we…. Just enjoy and ‘sample’ all that’s on offer when you have lunch or dinner with people on your feed days. Your neighbours and friends will appreciate you dig into everything but you don’t have to clean every plate just to please them…

    Good luck and keep us posted on how you cope, will you?
    I will do the same!

    thanks for your encouragement Pippi and I also wish you well with your weight loss goals. Will keep you posted.

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