Anyone take vitamins/supplements while fasting?

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Anyone take vitamins/supplements while fasting?

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  • Hi,
    I’m wondering if anyone else takes any vitamins/supplements while fasting?

    I’ve been taking Turmeric, Green Tea Extract and White Kidney Bean.

    Since I live at a 42-47 degrees North latitude, I take Vitamin D supplements. Also, I take some Calcium a few times /week for my slightly porous bones. Other than that, I let my diet give me the vitamins and protein that I need.

    Lots of low calorie veg and I dont feel anyone would need dietary supplements if you eat healthily normally.

    I used to take a multi-vitamin but stopped about a year ago. I found myself eating more vegetables and fruit on non-fasting days and at some point didn’t see any benefit from the multi-vitamin. If I start seeing signs of some deficiency than I would start taking it again. As far as I can tell, fasting hasn’t had any negative impacts but not eating fruits and vegetables has a huge impact.

    I regularly take vitD and calcium but that’s not associated with fasting. Being indoors I don’t get enough sun and my D levels were low. Now in the normal range. I take a multi B as well. Not sure if it does anything.

    Agreed fasting hasn’t had any negative impact. Im surprised at how little food we need to maintain a constant weight. It really is quite a small amount. So one needs to choose nutrient dense foods with minimal calories content.

    I try and put turmeric into everything I cook. Garlic as well.

    Thank you so much for sharing this information….

    Multivitamin and Empty Stomach
    The most common side effects people experience when they take their vitamin are nausea, mild diarrhea and stomach discomfort. To help ease discomfort and limit side effects, most vitamin makers recommend you take your supplement with food. Arizona State University also reports that you may get better results when you take it with food.

    Supplements need nutrition to keep the body well-functioning. These won’t work unless your stomach has something to burn! Whether these are Weight Loss Supplements or Other supplements, you need to eat properly and in proper proportions too.
    Hence, the conclusion is that you should avoid taking vitamins/supplements while fasting.

    last night I watched a program called “Vitamania” on our Australian SBS TV – whether fasting or not, I think the program raised some very interesting points. I don’t take any supplements at all, and never have.

    I don’t take anything on a FD that I wouldn’t take any other day.

    Because I have a chronic health condition I have regular monthly blood tests which include looking for vitamin & mineral deficiencies. When my doctors tell me I need either a supplement or a change of diet I follow their advice. The only supplement I take every day on my GPs advice is vitamin D. I also take fish oil daily on my rheumatologist’s advice.
    At times my iron or potassium levels are low and I use a combination of diet and supplements to rectify this. Once they are normal I can usually stop the supplements.

    Timed release multivitamin every morning, probiotic before bedtime.
    Don’t know about the vits, but I get a better night’s sleep if I take a probiotic.
    About to start taking a nootropic supplement.

    I don’t take vitamins or supplements while fasting but I saw some people that take supplements while they were in it’s fasting state.

    Some supplements should be taken on an empty stomach. It was worth clarifying what you want to take. but as mentioned, some supplements can cause diarrhea or discomfort

    I usually take vitamin D and iron used to take multi vitamins
    But I suppose you should talk with doctor

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)

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