Anyone else with SCI ( uses a wheelchair? )

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Anyone else with SCI ( uses a wheelchair? )

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  • Hey, I’m new here as of today. Was wondering if anyone else here has a spinal cord injury, needs to use a wheelchair, & has limited or no leg use? I was very regimented prior to surgery & needing the chair, still am, but the little standing/walking/mobility alone makes weightloss tricky so I’m praying there’s others on here that can relate, & has tips!

    Wish I could help but I have no experience with that issue. I wonder, tho, if you’re more likely to find support on a SCI forum. Perhaps there are intermittent fasters there or perhaps you could interest other people there in trying it and working out a program tailored to your needs.

    In any case, best of luck with it! And here’s a bump to the top of the list.

    Thanks LA chubs yet, but if tried that, no luck 🙁

    Hi Gscepi,

    Vikathy on the English/British thread is also in a wheelchair. Vikathy is Dutch but her community here on the forum is on the mentioned thread. You might also come and introduce yourself on the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome thread which is sometimes active. There are at least 2 of us with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis – commonly known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – who are now on maintainence after losing considerable amounts of weight/size with no exercise and somewhat reduced mobility. Cinque and I are usually on the Southern Hemisphereites thread but we both are active on others as well.

    I’d encourage you to give this a really good 2-3 months of straight 5:2 before deciding if you’re happy with it and can see it as something that will improve your weight/size.

    Good Luck
    21kgs or 45lbs gone and now a normal size.

    Thank you so much Merryme!! I will check these out, & give this a good chance to work for me. One thing I can say about myself for sure is I definitely have patience/willpower. I lost 115lbs. 14 years ago, & up until this surgery last year had kept it all off. Now I’m carrying an additional 25-30lbs. I do use a handbike at home, but even doing that an hour, & a half a day still doesn’t compensate enough for the calories I would’ve burnt if I were able to walk all the time even just doing nothing. So hopefully this will be the healthy eating lifestyle that because the right one for me. Thanks again! G

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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