Anybody doing 4:3?

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  • Well done Lucy24 on that loss.

    I’ve been doing 4:3 for 6 weeks and lost 13lbs. I’ve only been losing one lb per week except for the first week. I’m happy with that though. One lb per week is more healthy than losing too much every week.

    Keep on keeping on Lucy24 and have faith in it because it does work.

    That’s a great loss Nuclear well done!, I’ll be happy if I have a loss of 1lb a week coz if I wasn’t following this my weight would either stay as it is or increase plus I’m thinking of it as a way of life rather than a short term change.

    That’s the way I’m thinking of it. I’ve still got a long way to go so it has to be a life change as opposed to another failed diet if I want to get healthy again.

    If you do the 5:2 or 4:3 you will lose weight but don’t expect it to be quickly. Better slow and steady. I hope you manage to get to your Christmas goal, I’m hoping to lose another stone by Christmas.

    Good luck and keep up the good work Lucy.

    I am back from my 9 week holiday. Although I did swim a lot and did not drink much I did gain some weight. Only 1.5 kg (3.3 lbs). Going back to a strict 4:3 for the next 3 months and will update weekly. Goal is to lose 10Kg (22lbs). I am know 82 kg (182 lbs).

    On non fasting days I try to stay away from starch, no rice, no potatoes, no pasta, no bread. Alcohol intake is only on the weekend.

    Hello, I started the FD one month ago and lost 2 kilos in the first two weeks and since then nothing. I have lost some centimetres though. I thought I would try the 4:3 this week to see if I can kickstart some more weight loss. Otherwise I am enjoying the eating plan and am trying to stay within 1200-1500 calls on non fast days. Wish me luck!!

    Patchstar, weight loss in first few weeks is always rapid due to less water and food retention. However you do seem to notice that you have lost centimeters and that is good news. In the longer run the weight loss will come back.

    If you have no problems doing 5-2 than 4-3 is just as easy. Weight loss is all about losing fat and fat has 9000 calories per kilo. By doing 4-3 and not overeating on non fast days we can build a calorie deficit that allows us to loose 500 grams per week. With more exercise you can increase that to 600, 700 grams per week, that is if you don’t reward yourself with some more food due to the exercise.

    I wish you lots of weight loss.

    Thanks for your advice, Supertuur. I will try not to be impatient and just think of summer ahead (Southern Hemisphere)and aim for that.

    My first result after doing a week of 4:3 after getting back from holidays.
    31 August 82 KG
    7 September 80.5 KG

    This is a great result but I know lots of comes from water loss. I expect long term trend to be 100 grams per day.

    I did not overeat on my non fasting days but I did have quiet a few drinks over the weekend. I did only 1 HIT session as exercise last week.

    Good result supertuur considering you’ve been on holiday.

    Patchstar keep thinking of your holidays and enjoy the freedom that not having to calorie count brings with 4:3. You might find it more useful instead of weighing yourself to take measurements from different areas of your body e.g arms, neck, bust, waist, thigh and stomach. But even if on some weeks these don’t appear to have moved just remember, your entire body is losing millimeters including your face and head.

    Good job both of you and keep up the good work. It is for the health benefits more than the weight loss that we need to concentrate on.

    Thank you for reminding me about the health benefits Nuclear Wasted as I am insulin resistant and so hope that by losing weight that I will not become diabetic.
    Really impressed by the results you and Supertuur are achieving , it gives hope to everyone else!

    Hi Everyone
    I’ve been doing the 5:2 for about 18 months now and have lost 24.5kg overall. Most of this I lost in the first year. I have been struggling to get rid of the last few kg’s to reach my 60kg (-1kg for leeway) goal for a while now. I lose the weight then put it back on again. I never fluctuate very much but I don’t seem to be able to get down to my goal weight.

    So this week I am trying the 4:3 pattern. I did a fast yesterday and am doing one today. I will then do my 3rd day on Thursday.

    I too find that leaving too long between fasts makes it more difficult to do them again although I did get into a routine of doing Tuesday and Thursday fasts on the 5:2.

    It’s been great reading the posts here to get an idea of the 4:3 pattern. Thanks


    Here are my results so far from doing 4:3 for 2 weeks

    31 August 82 KG
    7 September 80.5 KG
    14 September 80.8 KG

    No weight loss this week, but I know that can happen. Had lots of food and drinks over the weekend. Starting this week with some exercise again, 2 times a week swimming and 1 time squash.

    Here are my results so far from doing 4:3 for 3 weeks

    31 August 82 KG
    7 September 80.5 KG
    14 September 80.8 KG
    21 September 80.1 KG

    I slacked and only did a 5:2 last week, but weight loss is still happening.

    I hope to keep hearing other peoples success stories with 4:3. This week I stuck to a strict 4:3 and my weight has dropped to 79.5 so lost about 0.6 kg. I am happy with this. Weightloss for the month is about 2.5 Kg.

    Well i am back from 2 weeks in Italy, eating pasta piza and ice cream and I have put on 5lb I am not that worried as I thought it would be more then that so all the walking has done something, so to ease me in I am going to do 2 days this week today being one of them and I am hungry, just going to make a large coffee, i have made a big pot of tomato soup for the week, as I do eat that on my nf as well, its not going to be easy getting back into the routine I had before, before I went away i was 70.4 now I am 72.8, I really am so close to my goal of 67kilo, but I cant seem to get under, I am hoping that having this break and starting again I will make it under, its like trying to jump a huge hurdle that you can never get over.
    fingers corssed, I dont give in to temptation, husband is hear and he doesnt help either with his dirty bread and things

    @ohlala – good to hear you enjoyed your Italy trip in style with good food. I hope you reach your goal of 67 kilos.

    This week I again slipped from doing 4:3 to 5:2. Fasting on Friday can be hard when you have friends popping around with food and drinks in the evening. I want to see if I can do Mo, We, Th fast and therefor have a long weekend to look forward to.

    Besides that my weight dropped to 78.6 so a loss of 0.9 kilos. 6.6 kilos to go.

    I find that 4:3 is the way to go for me and I have got into a rhythm (even on holiday!). I have lost 4 kilos in about two months and still need to lose 3 – 4 to get to the ideal weight.
    I don’t think that going back to 5:2 is a problem Supertuur as you still lose weight!

    Supertur thanks for your comments, well last week was no good tried and failed husband was at home, but this week a big pat on my back, he was not hear so easy for me not to be lead by the devil!! just completed mon -tue on the FD, today I am cutting down to 1000 k was able to have a breaky god it was lovely, only and tomorrow back on the FD, so, and then Fri sat sund free, to some extent though, i will have a wine i will have a ice cream, and 2 slices of bread, back on again next week.
    As i didnt start until Monday not sure to weigh myself this friday as sunday I eat everything, might just weigh though dont think i can not, but not expecting to much loss, but as i have not had many kals at all all week one would be hoepfull
    Patchstar how do you do this on holiday?

    Here is my update. I went on a 19 day holiday and managed to gain about 3 kg. Pretty disheartening, however I see the fastdiet as a way of life now. I am doing weeks of 4-3 when I am really motivated or 5-2 when I am not. I am now at 79 kg so still have 7 kg to go before I am at my target weight.

    Holidays will come again and weight will go up, however with the fast diet I should be able to get to target weight eventually and stay there.

    Love to hear how others are doing on 4-3.

    Hi everyone. So far I’ve managed to lose 6.5 kilos since starting in late July early August. I’ve had a couple of weeks where I couldn’t get into it but, nad here’s the thing, I haven’t allowed it to dishearten me. I have though of it as a hiccup whereas in the past it would have been a fall off the diet-wagon leading to more dejection and feeling like a failure. I don’t feel like that with the FD. These small glitches are just that and as long as the health benefits are driving it rather than the weight loss I will remain happy. A pound a week is more than adequate. After all, slow and steady wins the race as they say, even if this isn’t a race oor competition.

    Good luck everyone. Eat well, sleep well, and live well.

    Managed to stick to 4:3 for 2 weeks in a row now and the results are amazing. I am 76.6 kg now only 4.6 kg from my target weight. Christmas is coming so doing one more final push this week and start of next. Hopefully the damage will not be too bad. I feel around April I may reach my target.

    Shit xmas really put the kilos back on. I gained 4 kilos. Still going for it. Back to 4.3

    Maybe edit your post before it gets reported?

    One reason that 4:3 works well for me, is that if I’ve got two fast days under my belt by Wednesday, then if I fail on the Friday fast then that it is a better result than if I was on 5:2 and failed the second fast.

    Not much action in this forum, time to renew it. Any volunteers for a joint effort? I’m 69 (well, that’s my body’s age, my soul is much younger). I need to get rid of 20kg and this time chose 4:3, hopefully the scales will show a downward movement soon. It’s easier to do it with friends. Looking forward to new buddies.

    Well. it seems I’ll be talking to myself, but that’s OK. The result of 4:3 after two weeks – 2.1kg. Not much, but still going down. I know where the problem lies. On nf days I drink wine in the evenings. It’s a family custom for over 40 years and that, believe me, is difficult to quit (besides, I enjoy it). Otherwise, I am very mindful of what I put in my mouth, but not counting calories. Another fiend I have to fight is my impatience for quick results. I know that I did not put the excess weight in a month and my body will need maybe a couple of years to get rid of the fat. Give me a strong will, God, I do need it. I dream of my slim body and all the lovely clothes I would wear…

    Hi bjanna – I’m doing the 4:3 I found the first week to be quick weight loss of 6lbs(2.7kg), 2nd week I gained back 3lbs (2.2kg) and now at the third week I lost the 3lb (2.2kg) *** which means I’m still down a total of 6lbs from where I started (so yay) but it can be a little bit of a bump in the road when the weight goes up for a moment… However it could be that the body is adjusting AND/OR drinks! oh my gosh I love a good cocktail or two. I understand the wine. For me I found that it was helpful on fasting days NOT to have any alcohol. I found that if I wanted the feeling that I was having a cocktail I had a seltzer with a fresh cut slice of orange, lime or lemon. I also remind myself that I can have a drink the next day and it will taste that much better, because I waited. Cheers on your adventure!

    Hi Rabbette,
    Yesterday I went on the scales to be quite disappointed – 200g in two weeks (the week before that it was 100g!!!). Three days in a week I am on coffee, tea and water (no wine as well) and the result is depressing. I do not know what to do more, maybe cut out bread entirely (how I love it) on non-fast days and go for less carbs altogether. I do not eat breakfast, only have a cup of coffee with some frothed milk and I eat very little at lunch and dinner. I do have a couple of glasses of white wine with my food, but you need to have something to look forward to, don’t you?lol…We are going on a three week trip with friends next week with a couple of birthdays to attend and, even though I’ll try my best, I suppose the weight will go up. Well, I’m not going to give up, when I was younger I would say “I can do this later”, but my big 70 is coming in September and there is no time to postpone anymore. I want to look in the mirror and love myself (haven’t done it in ages). Dum spiro, spero!

    Hello everyone, i am a women age 41. I have been doing the 4:3 diet, started on the 28 of jan with 73.5kg and last weigh in was on the 14 of feb, so been on it like 2 weeks, weight now is 70kg, lost 3.5kg, very happy. My first goal is to bring the weight down to 65kg. I do m/w/f. I hate calorie counting, on fasting days I stick to water, coffee and teas during the day and have some protein and loads of veggies for dinner around 6h. On non fasting days of the week I eat breakfast at around 10h, bread, eggs, butter and milk coffee, and dinner at 6h, rice pasta or whatever I have cooked. I don’t avoid carbs at all, but I do limit the calories during the week days. On the weekend I eat everything, chocolates, desserts, cakes. but I exercise portion control.
    After I bring the weight to 65kg will switch to 5:2 and see how it goes. Good luck everyone!

    HI Riz – sounds like I have a buddie. I’ve been 4:3 since End of January and I pretty much seem to be eating about the same way as you. Except I am probably a bit more fast and loose on the weekends. My sweetheart loves sharing stouts with me. So I suppose that is my dessert 😉 and still so far I am losing. maybe a bit slower because of the stouts but I do want to keep on “living” the spice of life, so slower progression toward my goal is ok. I rather enjoy myself getting there, than be disappointed that I got there and then drink the stout only to find I inch back up way to soon! Cheers and Good luck too!

    Hi Rabette, are u still on 4:3?
    Anyone doing 4:3 ?
    I started again. I have been doing it from the beginning of jan with 69.7kg, last i checked my weight was on the 21 of jan at 67kg. Loss of 2.7kg. My goal weight is 62kg. Hope to keep it up.
    Good luck to all


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