Any swimmers out there?

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  • All the swimming posts seem to be old. I’m about to start swimming again as a series of Pilates classes is finishing and also I want to get fit for a social week of longish sea swims in July. Anyone using swimming as their main weekly fit sesh? If so, how’s it going?

    Swimming is an overall fitness. It isn’t any better than other forms of exercise. It’s just a lot more fun. I can’t walk but a 1 to 1.5 km for exercise. I can do laps in the pool breast stroke for an hour hit 1 Km pretty easily and not hurt myself.

    I still think that an all out exercise for 5 minutes is better for me though. I can’t prove it but think that as many reps as I can get in on weights legs, thighs, chest, forearms, and upper arms leaving me like a wet noodle actually produces better fitness results. Can I prove it? No. But it takes 15 minutes versus an hour plus.

    When I was young(er) and swam competitively pyramid blocks leading up to a competition was probably the best overall shape I’d ever been in my life. That was 40 years ago and …….

    Well yeah it was way back when Dino’s roamed the earth and my club was what kept me fed. That type of thing…..

    Know what you mean, QuietOne, about dinos! 50 years ago I too swam competitively (50!! I don’t believe it!). Now I just do it socially and because, as you say, it’s more fun. I’m in an OSS group, wild swimming. We sometimes meet up for swims in the sea or river then have tea after.

    I suspect that both lots are good for you. Swimming exercises all the little muscles and is great for lymph glands. But unless you do it fast (I don’t now) it’s not aerobic. And it’s not weight bearing either, so less impact on bones. Still one of the best around though! Only done gym work a bit and got very bored, but I agree, the strengthened are good. Maybe I should go back to it. I’ll think about it after I’ve got the swimming going again.

    Hi Apricot, At the moment, I’m swimming for the majority of my exercise. (My upcoming holiday is a dive and snorkel trip to the Maldives). Normally I swim one mile 3 days a week, so sometimes on Fast Days and sometimes on NFD. Both work fine for me. As you say, it is easy on the joints, though I’m at the age where I have to think about osteoporosis, so I walk too. At my pool, it’s not uncommon to see people swimming with a snorkel and mask, so part of my swim can easily be aerobic to anaerobic, as it’s possible to be gasping for breath!

    The one downside to swimming on 5:2 is that I tend to get cold on FDs, and an hour in the pool can sap off lots of heat making things worse. After a swim, I keep a knit hat, warm socks, a heating pad, and a hot cuppa nearby.

    Give it a try, Apricot, and see what happens! Flexibility is a key component of 5:2 so if you enjoy swimming, you can figure out what works for you. ST55

    I’m doing water based exercise and it really helps a lot. Because of injury, I can walk limited distances, bike riding is out. The non weight bearing aspect of swimming is important to note, but it sure is better than wasting away in from of the TV.
    Glad you restarted this thread.

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