Ankylosig Spondylitis experiment. Total sample of one.

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Ankylosig Spondylitis experiment. Total sample of one.

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  • Hello. I ve been on and off fasting for a few years. Cant for the life of me remember my log in so i ve set up new one.
    Did 5:2 for vanity reasons few times. Never was quite able to keep it up. My overachiever self would put too many ambitions on one plate and id come crashing down.
    This time I truly dont care about weightloss. I care however about how much pain im in on daily basis and whether I can live idependent life sans care workers etc looming on the horizon.
    The condition runs on my family and it can be devastating. I lucked out on that Im diagnosed at ripe old age of 37 having had several flair ups over many years.
    Theres been correlation in me being physically more able when doing 5:2. Correlation though does not equal causation. Thus my wee personal trial.

    I always struggled to fast walking to work working walking bk home getting several dizzy spells on fast and non fast days making me look positively drunk. So right now Im working from home i can afford to be dizzy and simply lay down and rest if needed.

    On steriod medication and few other things atm no biologics yet. My goal is to go off my meds or have as low a dose as possible if my immune system kicks up.
    Im long time vegan who sees the junk food as a challenge taken with enthusiasm. Not good when your immune system tries to fight your own body. The time when i stopped eating well and moved into lets eat all ben and jerrys marks my steady decline. So need to revert into the healthy fit bunny i used to be.

    Made several changes to my diet. Went gluten free as my friend who has different type of arthritis saw changes to a point where she doesnt need a cane anymore to walk. Well i can give it 6 months and see what happens.
    Im taking some supplements too.
    And follow mediterrean diet. Which by definition tends to be low in sugar and carbs.
    So far im 3rd week in alternate day fasting 24 hrs from eve to eve. I tend to ve protein powder on my fast day and veg based light dinner on fast day. Will check in every now and then to update. Diarised 3 and 6 month marks to review if this approach does anything at all.

    So far pain low but thats combo of drugs kicking in. Im in much more pain if i forget a dose literally within hours.

    So we ll see if i can control symptoms with physio, lifestle changes and diet.

    My worst case scenario is i ll eat healthier but with no impact on pain levels. Which wont damage my health. Onwards and upwards!

    I’m sorry to hear about your health problem. I tried alternate day fasting and found it hard. I now do 16:8 which gives you many of the advantages of alternate day fasting. I think your attitude and approach to diet is excellent. Michael Greger’s book (How not to die) gave me lots of ideas and encouragement and confirmed me in my vegan diet. I’ll be interested to hear how you get on.
    Good luck!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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