Amazing Results in 3 months but how to keep it off

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Amazing Results in 3 months but how to keep it off

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  • Hi
    I was diagnosed with Type 2 in late October last year. I am 52 male. Naturally I was as worried as everyone else and started to read up about starvation diet

    I started my plan immediately, no sugar refined or natural (where possible), strictly limited fat – only skinless chicken, turkey or pork meat, no potatoes rice or pasta, limited rye or sourdough bread.Generally eating 1 000 – 1200 calories per day, I only exceeded this when I drank alcohol which TBH was about 3-4 times per week – this didnt change through the 10 weeks

    I also started the gymn and went 6 times per week for 30 mins either cycling or light running, here are my results in 10 weeks – I wasn’t particularly overweight at just over 14 st – I am 6ft, at the end of the ten weeks I was down to 12.5st and had lost just over 1.5st
    SERUM CHOLERSTEROL 0.00 5.00 8.7 5.9
    SERUM TRIGLYCERIDES 0.00 1.90 19.33 2.87
    SERUM HDL 0.99 0.99 0.73 0.99
    SERUM LDL 0.00 3.00 3.61
    CHOLESTEROL / HDL RATIO 0.00 5.00 11.92 5.96
    HBA 0.00 41.00 66 43

    Prior to starting I was told by doctor and nurses that I would only be able to improve my results by 10-20%

    Being honest, I was so pleased with my result that I relaxed the diet a bit and started to eat lean red meat, started eating more rye, wholemeal and sourdough bread. I also pretty much stopped going to the gym – probably going 1 per week. I had my blood results yesterday and as expected my results had falled to

    SERUM TRIGLYCERIDES 6.56 (up3.69)
    CHOLESTEROL / HDL RATIO 7 (up 1.4)
    HBA 43 (stayed the same

    I am now trying to figure out what to do next, my initial plan is drop the bread to wkds only and red meat to once a month and go back to the gym. I also need to drink less

    I have requested an appointment with the dietician and Im concerned about trigs so if they dont improve in 3 months will request appointment with lipid specialist

    Id be really interested in thoughts or experiences?

    How are you going now? What strategy did you come up with long term ?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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