Am i doing it right pls?

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  • Hi its my 2nd week of fasting and i always eat the same,boiled egg and diet toast for breakfast which are 120 cals then i do a mixture of 100 gr rice,bought it on purpose 114 cals 100 gr chick breast and veg,i eat from this mixture about 4 bowls tghrouout the day as im afraid of being hungry,anyone can tell me if im doing good? total cals about 520

    Hi, well done for starting the 5:2 diet if you can stick with it you will easily reach your target weight and get the added health benefits.

    I can only comment from my own experience but i found that 2 meals a day worked best for me. I learned fast that hunger is a state of mind and as long as i drank plenty of water throughout the day it didn’t really bother me too much.

    One thing i would look at in addition to the 5:2 diet is the glycemic load of the food you eat as this can affect how long it takes for your body to break food into sugar. The faster this process occurs the quicker you become hungry. Personally i avoid bread on a fasting day for this reason and would substitute white rice for wholegrain.

    Don’t be afraid of being hungry distract your self at your usual lunch time, take a walk or something similar.

    It’s my first time on the diet I’m going to start tomorrow, my plan is to eat porridge for breakfast, cuppa soup for lunch and the chicken and veg does that sound OK? Advice would be welcomed.

    Hi Ju.ju and welcome:

    Most newbies experiment to find what works for them, but the general consensus is that one meal in the evening high in fat and protein works best. Here is information that will answer most of your questions:

    Good Luck!

    Thanks il take a look, iv just been reading other peoples posts and got some tips.

    I have just started the diet and had 2 scrambled eggs for a late breakfast / lunch and a 2 egg omelette with about 100g of poached salmon with 2 cherry tomatoes . Have I gone over the 500 cals ? Not feeling hungry at all ,

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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