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  • I had a real scare last night.
    After a great three day fast which I am just days out and still feeling the effects I went to a swimming lesson last night for quite a hard session, and I was fine.

    I met up with someone and un wisely ended up around theirs for a chat and ended up drinking far too much wine. I few hours before we stopped drinking I justiced noticed the alcohol inside me, it just smelt strong on my breath and I just was aware of it so much of it inside my body like I have never done before.

    I am quite used to taking my drink, nothing I am proud of I might add and something I am cutting back on as my training for a triathlon goes so well along with my weight control and my new love of fasting which I am only learning about right now and tried the once for 3 days, I know jump in or what.

    I got into bed late last night and I got this terrible pain where I imagine my kidneys are, 30 minutes later and I was doubled up, really scarey stuff pain. First thought was “has this fasting done this damage”.

    I then felt sick and threw up, something I have not done in decades, and definitely not through drinking, I felt a little better, 10 mintues later I threw up again and noticed straight away the pain was easing, was so relieved and then slept to this morning.

    Weird as it might sound now I am trying to work out was it a good or bad thing that happened last night, did my more finely tuned body not like the alcohol and get ride of it, ie through throwing up.
    I like the idea of that thought, and if so will have to maybe take an even dimmer look at alcohol in my life

    Has anyone else had a real expereince like this or any advice?

    P.S Just to emphasize how bad I was feeling last night I had the phone in my hand ready to dial 999, never done that in my life.

    Here’s what I think:
    You had low calorie intake for 3 days. Suddenly drinking after that means the booze would hit you hard.
    You went for hard exercise. After that the booze would hit you hard.
    In short, you got a double whammy with the alcohol affecting you as it never had before.

    After 3.5 years of Fasting, drinking wine and Scotch in moderation most times, the Fasting alone did not cause your symptoms. “Was it a good thing?” Yes. It told you to watch what you drink and when you drink it. You threw up to get some of the booze out of your system. Recommended wine intake for healthy male is 10 oz per day. As you work on Fasting for a healthier body, work on alcohol reduction for a healthier liver, too.

    Good luck.

    Alcohol, also known by its chemical name ethanol, is a psychoactive substance that is the active ingredient in drinks such as beer, wine, and distilled spirits

    It’s a common fact that people who don’t drink regularly can get knocked out much faster than those who drink daily or frequently! You should be more careful on how you drink. Wine is not that innocent too! What I love doing is to get recipes from that have lower alcohol in them and make them at home. Some of them are available even in bars. It’s much easier to keep the alcohol levels low since most cocktails have one shot of spirit and lots of fruity ingredients in them.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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