Afraid? Discourage? How to get my mind right?

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Afraid? Discourage? How to get my mind right?

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  • Today is a holiday in the States. My plan was to have my first fast day tomorrow. Every Tuesday and Thursday I would fast. I gained weight this morning and am acting as if I am a person who is about to eat their last meal. I already am discouraged and feel that I have failed and I have not even started. Help! Is this fear of fasting or fear of getting healthy? Thin? Thanks

    Marylousw, your plight is typical of about-to-start fasters. Fear of hunger, fear of failure, fear of not being able to overcome your ideas about eating.
    Honestly, you can do it. One day at a time. Try it and see how it works. Eat foods of value: eggs, veg, lean protein, fruit. Drink tea, water.
    Think thin.
    Good luck.

    Its not that hard. Ive now been water only fasting for 3 1/2 years. I used to do 60 hours (2 complete days) each week. Now that I have reached my goal weight I fast for 36 hours (one complete day) each week. See if you can skip one meal. Say breakfast and try and get to lunch without eating. It really isn’t that hard, just give it a go.

    Almost 4 AM here in Ohio. The weather is unseasonable hot and I am unable to sleep. This is my second go around with trying to lose over a l00 lbs of weight. I am so ashamed. Since April 2016 I have lost 70 lbs following a paleo diet. I have no joy or pride about it. I am ashamed of how much I gained and that I still have 50 lbs to lose. I did a fast Tuesday. No breakfast and a small salad for lunch and a burger with broccoli for dinner. It went well. I feel like a beginner who is moving along. Today will be the second day of fasting. Not as afraid. Hopeful that I will have weight loss and peace. Surprise that yesterday I ate in peace and confidence. I thought that I would be in some gutter eating my stress and fears away. I am afraid that the fasting days will be overcome by the days of non-fasting. Thank you fasting_me and bigbooty for responding. I feel so alone and assume that this forum would give me no response. Thanks.

    You’re not alone, there are a lot of us here checking in daily for support. You’ve made a great start so just stick with it one day at a time.

    I feel so alone. Being overweight puts me in a box that I like and hate. I like it because it protects me from the world. I hate it because I feel so alone. I have hid the weight loss numbers but people see it. So I feel like people are seeing into my box and I hate being seen. I just want to be known. Yet I am so afraid that I will not be good enough. Not losing these final 50 makes me feel not good enough. But the truth is that if I get to my goal, I will not feel good enough because I do not know how to maintain. Mercy! All I have to do today is fast. Breathe. Breathe.

    Hi @marylousw, that box is actually awfully crowded!! We’re all in there with you and those feelings are standard for those carrying a little extra baggage. Maybe come on over to the September challenge, it’s never too late to join, you’ll be with friends who won’t judge, but you’ll get encouragement and advice and every question about this way of life (WOL) answered. You’ll be known, but not seen and by the time you reach your goal you will have acquired all of the tools necessary to maintain. Good luck, hope to get to know you in Septembers challenge!!!

    Marylousw, I do understand how you feel. I’ve struggled with weight issues since childhood but since starting 5:2 in June 2017 and joining the monthly challenges on this forum I’ve reached a weight that is an all time adult low…..and I’m 59! I’m nervous about maintaining the loss so I’m continuing to participate in the monthly challenges for support. I’ve learnt so much from the lovely people here and I’ve also come to understand how my relationship with food is connected to emotional issues……learning control from the discipline of 5:2 has helped me to address those issues too. Do consider joining us on the September monthly challenge thread 🤗

    Good job, Marylou — you got through one Fast Day and are about to tackle another. After a while, you might look forward to Fast Days as we do. We are from New Hampshire and have been Fasting for 5 years. My husband lost 45 pounds, and he hates ‘dieting’ but he likes Fasting. YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

    Missybear, FlourBaby: good advice, good words of wisdom.

    Fasting today: Ham and mushroom omelette with plums, coffee, smoothie for breakfast = 300 calories.
    Something with lamb tonight: either kabobs or cooked in a sauce with veg. Haven’t worked that recipe out yet.
    Good luck.

    Thank you all. Off to take a good look at the September Challenge. FlourBaby: Great words of wisdom. An awfully crowded box. Mercy I thought I was the only one in it.

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