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  • Hi all,
    I am a brand new 5:2er, so please be kind and gentle! I have just done my first week of 5:2 and didn’t get on too bad. I am a teacher, with little time to eat in the day, so this helps! However, I have been starving in the evening and highly irritable! My question is: I am trying to ease in gently to 600 calories, by having massively reduced meals and then a “normal” healthy evening meal. Once I am used to it fully, I will then do 600 calories on a fast day. Does anyone have any advice? Would this be a good strategy? Thanks in advice 🙂

    Welcome Jamie,

    All you can do is try. Going in gradually is a fine strategy.
    Different things work for different people and different situations.

    A lot of us save our fastday calories for the evening meal. I just have milk in cuppas during the day and then a big bowl of soup at night. (Not teaching through the day though!)

    Keep trying things and you will work out what works for you.
    All power to you!

    A good strategy is what works for you. If its working stick with it. If its not change it up. I went cold turkey and just did 0 cal water only and that worked for me rather than doing 600 cal. Everyone has a different approach. While no foods are “banned” there are certain foods that will make your task a lot harder. Try and avoid anything with added sugar in it. Try and avoid processed grain based carbs like breakfast cereal, bread, pizza, cake, biscuits etc. Get your carbs from mostly veggies. Avoid potatoes. Eat some fruit and go for your berry type fruits. Eat beans and legumes. Full fat low sugar greek yogurt. Real cheese, avocadoes, nuts like almonds and brazil nuts for your fat intake. Some tuna and lean meats for protein.

    Good luck with it.

    Easing in is fine if that helps. Avoiding sugar and starchy carbs like bread and rice usually helps suppress cravings and hunger too.

    Amazing guys. Thank you for the support 😀 Much appreciated!

    All good advice above. The key to fat loss is to keep insulin leve down, which you do by 1) restricting processed carbs and sugar (most fruit too) so going low carb/ketogenic will get you there faster and healthier and 2) longer time between meals (fasting part). Which you seem to already have a handle on!

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