Adhesions and fasting

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  • Hi, I’ve been experimenting with both 5:2 fasting and 24-hour total fasting for nearly a year now. However a few weeks ago following my fast day, I had an onset of severe abdominal pain and distention – a condition I used to get regularly following two abdomial surgeries that surgeon has put down to adhesions, the type that form soon after surgery and then usually subside. Anyway, I see a Bowen therapist for my abdo issues, and she has always warned me against any kind of fasting or restrictive dieting, becasue she says it gives the adhesions time to grow, when the intestine is inactive. I would love to know whether anyone else has a view on this, and whether anyone else is fasting with adhesions? Thanks!

    I haven’t had surgery but I do get acute pain if I go long periods without food. In my late teens I was in and out if the doctors for years and they couldn’t find anything wrong with me but no-one ever asked what I was eating or how often. I simply wasn’t hungry as a child right through til my late 20’s and often skipped meals but when I went out in the evening for dinner I would be in agony. As I grew I saw the pattern and made sure I always snacked through the day and have become that sort of dieter in the last ten years as my love of food and appetite increased. What I’m saying is that my pain was not related to any medical conditions its just that my body prefers to be fed little and often. So now, even on this diet I try not to push my luck. I at least spread my allowance over breakfast, lunch and dinner. And I have experienced no pain whilst doing it even if lunch is an apple or dinner is a tiny veg soup. Hope this helps.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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