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  • About that drinking

    My features on drinking triggered a lot of media interest, some of which seems to have misunderstood what I was trying to say. I am not, for example, telling people they should not drink but rather trying to give them the evidence so they can make their own judgements. The science researchers I spoke to were keen to emphasise the value of having two alcohol free days a week, something which fits in neatly with the Fast Diet.

    The Public Health Minister Anna Soubry came on Radio 4 after my series had gone out and said:

    “That was a brilliant report if I may say…I thought the 2:2 was a cute message. Good, simple and accurate as well. Certainly I’ll talk to the CMO (Chief Medical Officer) about that.”

    I have listed the media response to the guidelines below if you would like to see what others are saying.

    BBC Breakfast TV interview

    I was on the sofa up in Manchester on Tuesday 2nd January talking about the Fast Diet but also about a new series for You and Yours looking at government guidelines in relation to exercise, booze and “5 a day”. If you want to watch the BBC Breakfast interview the link is here. As an added bonus you get to see a Christmas present from my wife, a new shirt that is not pink.

    The media response to drinking guidelines

    UK press:

    Alcohol guidelines ‘too high’ say doctors

    The new Puritans don’t understand the joy of drinking

    So it’s OK to be a little plump, then. Raise a glass (or three) with me to another blow against the health fascists

    Julian Baggini: Confused about health? Drink more

    Even a tipple a day is one too many – warning from doctors

    Foreign press:

    A daily tipple may be the death of you

    Anti-Alcohol Guidelines ‘Ineffective’

    So…what is the 2:2 message then? Two alcohol-free days and 2 what???

    2:2 = “… two glasses of alcohol a day, maximum, and two days off a week.”

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-20860584, bottom of page…

    Having overdone the vino for years decided to knock it on the head back in october-although I felt a lot better didn’t lose much weight-however, started the 5:2 diet in new year-have lost 2 kg in first week-not finding fast days particularly easy yet but think this may be normal. Also feel more energised-amazing. I love wine however so will try and keep below 10 units per week once I’ve lost 15kg…and keep to those 2 alcohol free days per week minimum

    any evidence on whether this diet can help liver repair? I’m talking about damage done by too much wine over the years. I stopped drinking back in early october last year after getting high gamma gt on a routine blood test. After a few weeks the dreaded PAWS symptoms kicked in(which I knew nothing about). Since early jan and following this diet-symptoms are markedly reduced-not yet absent-interesting if the diet is speeding recovery???

    I’d like to know if this diet can help with liver repair too.

    PAWS symptoms?

    Thanks Vicky 🙂

    Am 11 weeks on the 5:2 diet and all going well-9kgs loss and a real drop in cholesterol from 7.0 to 5.6 and an increase in good cholesterol. Am convinced the diet is speeding liver recovery although still high ggts. 12 weeks without alcohol- Will report back in 3 months. I think concentrating on the 5:2 diet takes your mind off PAWS symptoms.

    Yes I have found after 3 months on 5:2 my liver function has changed re markedly.  I had a blood test last Friday after 3 months on 5:2 and whilst I was delighted my cholesterol had gone from 5.5 to 4 what surprised my doctor and I was that my liver function tests had improved by 50 per cent. My GGT had gone from 46 to 23( 5-35 is preferable) and my ALT had gone from 48 to 26( 5-30) is acceptable.

    I do feel a lot better and I’ve lost 9 kg .

    My only trouble is my TSH levels have dropped to .02 when they should be  .4 to 4. I wonder if anyone else  has noticed this. I’ve been on oroxine for 20 years and my levels have hardly varied. Obviously I’ve dropped my thyroxine dose from 150 mg to 125 mg on medical  advice. But it has been suggested to me that my is repairing and processing my thyroxine better? I’m no medic  but my free T4 had risen to 19.2

    Hi Briccolone, I also have a history of overdoing the vino for decades. Love the stuff, but moderation has never been my forte. Fortunately my liver has coped well with the workload. I decided to cut back on the wine when starting 5:2, recognising it was probably contributing to my modest weight gain. My wine consumption has dropped by more than a half, probably 2/3rds if I am honest with very little effort on my part. I’m content with a glass or 2, rather than a bottle or 2 as needed before. Time will tell if it stays this way (I hope so!).

    Am not sure why this is happening phsiologically, but where fasting helps reduce some peoples cravings for particular food stuffs, its doing the same for me with wine.

    Am very happy!

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