700 Calories Burned On Treadmill – 5k

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700 Calories Burned On Treadmill – 5k

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  • I have been using the treadmill in the gym for quite sometime now. At first I was gearing to do 500 calories and then that would be it.

    Now I have decided to switch my mind and try to reach 5km on the treadmill.

    Im now reaching 5km on the treadmill, which takes me around 40-45mins , which shows the calories burned of around 700-730 , on a speed of around 7-7.3

    This is me fast walking (I am not running)

    If I go to my flat and eat, lets say x4 pieces of chicken thighs, x3 avocados, brocolli and lets say that is around 900 calories… Will I put on weight….? I always thought I wouldnt put weight on as the food is ‘healthy’ and this type of food will ‘lean me out’….

    I look forward to all advices and help

    It doesn’t matter if a food is healthy or not, it’s all about calories in, calories out. You’ll get more nutrition from healthy food, but any excess calories will put on weight.

    There is a proviso though, those excess calories have to be above your total energy expenditure for the day. Your calorie requirements for a day come from four things, your basal metabolic rate, this is the calories your body needs just to function and this is by far the biggest section. Average males can be around 1600+ calories a day just to exist, then there’s calories burned through exercise, that one is pretty straight forward. Then there’s your NEAT (Non exercise activity thermogenesis) that’s calories you burn during your day to day tasks. It will be low if you have a sedentary job, high if you have an active job like cleaning, construction, etc. Then there is the thermic effect of food. Your body requires energy to process your food, but this one is pretty small.

    All of these factors will give you your total daily energy expenditure (TDEE) if you consume more calories in a day than your TDEE then you’re going to gain weight, regardless of whether those calories come from healthy foods or unhealthy foods.

    Calories In calories out was discredited back in the 50s. No reputable studies support that assertion. Your body is not a simple engine – hormones, etc., play a major role in how your metabolism works.
    Burning calories on a treadmill is also suspect – how many calories would you burn otherwise, etc?
    Good luck on your journey

    Dear BMG,

    You wrote: ‘x4 pieces of chicken thighs, x3 avocados, brocolli and lets say that is around 900 calories… ‘
    But just chicken and avocado are already over 1500 kcal. So I can understand that you’re having a hard time. Your numbers aren’t correct. Best find a better calorie checker that doesn’t fool you.

    Good luck!

    Been a while once I’ve contributed but here goes
    Exercise calories ignore resting calories – I.e. they exaggerate the number of calories consumed. I. Case mentioned-= 700 calories on thread mill could= 350 for exercise *350 for resting level. So if you didn’t exercise you would have burnt 350 calories
    Best bet is not to adjust caloric intake based upon exercise level if you want to drop weight, assuming you follow the 5/2 so that your body doesn’t think you’re dieting

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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