5:2 diet whilst on antipsychotics

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  • Hello there, i am new to the site. I followed the 5:2 diet a year ago and lost 10lb.
    One year ago i was put on Quetiapine ( Seroquell) and have put on 50lbs – particularly around my middle. I feel so fed up and really hoping that the diet works for me again.

    Dies anyone have an experience of losing weight on these meds? Thank you.

    Hey, sorry you never got a reply! How is it going now? I was on quetiapine because I am on the spectrum for bipolar and it is appalling for weight gain. I am now on haloperidol and that seems better. It’s an older drug. Talk to your doctor.

    One thing I have realised is that I medicate with carbs. The Fast Diet has been really helpful in allowing me to improve my diet. I am lucky in that I only need meds very occasionally, and can manage my moods.

    A thing that helps me is cold water swimming. It burns brown fat (which is difficult to shift) and has enormous mood benefits.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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