5:2 and the Longevity Diet

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  • Well done diverdog on your 5 day water only fast fantastic to get that on your cv i think there is a lot of self pro claimed experts and some one said or a pop up YouTube broadcaster with all sorts of skills and knowledge with claims and counter claims. I believe its best to be your own evidence not read from a journal of someone else’s experience because its your journey and how you felt that makes it genuine and documents your waist measurements and weight loss.
    I like your style.
    Peace RT

    Thank you all for sharing on this thread. I followed IF for about a month last fall, then stopped. I am just back on week two now, and feel the need to get used to this before doing a longer fast, but am eager to do one to let my body really have time to rest and heal. I was thinking I’d follow 5:2 for 4 weeks with the 500 calorie dinners, then a few weeks of 5:2 water fasting for the 36 hours, then go for a 3-4 day. Has anyone got any personal experience trying to build up that way or did you do it differently?

    That’s how I did it. I believe it helped my body adjust to burning its own fat better. If nothing else it helped me to adjust mentally.

    Thanks diverdog! I must admit I’ve been stocking your posts. 🙂

    I’ve been doing 5:2 since August last year with about a quarter of the total fast days being liquid only. About a month ago I decided to try a longer water fast and managed 3.5 days when I started feeling unwell and stopped. I am trying again starting today and I’ll see how far I can get. If I’m feeling well I’ll try to go at least 4 days and break my fast on Friday evening.

    Building up is probably a better way to go about it. I was aiming for 2 days last time but it felt like such a waste to stop when I wasn’t hungry.

    I read your account Geopri123! I can see myself thinking the same thing, as long as I’m feeling good, why stop! So glad you shared. I will look forward to updates on this round. 3.5 days is so amazing!

    Hi Geo and welcome:

    The three and a half day mark is pretty standard for catching the ‘keto flu’. It occurs as the body is starting to get a majority of its energy from its own fat reserves. Depending on a person’s ‘work up’ to the fasting and the diet the person was eating before attempting the four plus day fast, the effects of the flu vary.

    Most people that have normal high processed carb diets and just try to do a four day water fast out of the box get a serious case of the flu and often never try fasting again. But if you work up to the four day (and plus) fast, and along the way start converting your diet to a higher fat/complex carb way of eating, the conversion process goes much more smoothly and you don’t feel too bad at all. In any event, by day five most feel better than they have in years and understand that they can really fast for as long as they want without any serious side effects.

    The main problem most have is in fact mental. Initially, most are simply afraid of not eating. After you get over that fear, you just get bored with not eating and really want to eat something just for the fun of it.

    @simcoeluv I thought that could be it, I panicked when I started vomiting but I am trying again 🙂

    The hardest part for me with fasting is being cold ALL THE TIME. I’m usually cold anyway and on fast days it’s all day long. I drink a lot of hot drinks and try to keep moving; I’m really looking forward to summer. 😊

    Hi Geo:

    Water fasters often report being cold, as do some who do 5:2. Digesting food takes a lot of energy, and when the body uses energy it generates heat. When there is no food to digest, energy for digestion is not being used, heat is not being generated and many get cold.

    Just sort of something you have to live with if you fast.

    I think the real issue around feeling cold is because initially your body can’t burn enough fat to keep you warm. I’ve noticed that when my fat burning really ramps up on the third day (as indicated by blood ketones) I’m not cold any more.

    Hi diver:

    Long term water fasters (measured in weeks) often report being cold throughout their fasts. Of course, effects vary by individual, and some get used to it over time so what was cold initially becomes normal and acceptable after a week or two. It always amazes me how the body and mind operate. The mind decides a ‘current condition’ is normal, and you think anything different is bad or uncomfortable or whatever, and then you get used to the new condition and everything is normal again – just a new normal.

    Fasting itself is an example. It is a fact that most people are afraid to fast. Dr. Longo was only able to find 18 people in six years to participate in his first water fasting cancer clinical trial. Once he came up with the FMD, which duplicates the effects of a water fast, he is filling up trial after trial with no problem. But for those that actually try and complete water fasts, they become ‘no big deal’.

    Amazing. The mind and body are simply amazing.

    I have been watching these posts, and others, but not contributing much because I am on holiday and breaking most of my own rules. I don’t think I am very different from the rest of humanity, but there has been discussion of problems I am not familiar with. Sim explained the causes of keto flu and said it may vary, but what is it? I seem to have missed it. Also, I didn’t feel cold on a five day fast, just full of energy. It may be, as Sim says, a matter of build up. I went two days of low cal, then two days of fluid only, then three, then five days fluid only. Alternatively I may just be too insensitive or dumb to notice. When I get back from this trip it will be time for my next five day fast, so this time I will pay more attention to possible side-effects. I am not seeking to have them, but think I should know about them!

    Hi penguin:

    You don’t have much to worry about, but it is nice to know.

    Feeling cold only affects some people – not everyone. Just has to do with how your body handles fasting. If you don’t get cold, great! And if you ever do, just put on another pair of socks or a sweater. It is not a sign of anything bad and is no big deal.

    The keto flu can be thought of as going through withdrawal symptoms from addiction to sugar and other processed carbs. Given your diet, you have nothing to worry about. But newbies who have been eating a standard high processed carb diet experience everything from fatigue and irritability to just feeling terrible to nausea and vomiting. People that used to go on the old Atkins diet often experienced it, and the induction phase of the Atkins diet was specifically designed to break a person’s addiction to carbs. Now people are going on ‘keto diets’ and running into it, as do people that water fast for over three or so days. It takes the normal body at least that long to start going into ketosis. But if you have been eating a low processed carb diet, the chances of contracting keto flu are very slim indeed.

    Thanks Sim. It sounds as though even before 5:2 I was probably immune – unless we go out for a meal, where I have no control, pretty much everything we eat I cook from scratch and most of the veg I grow myself. I am currently suffering the reverse – we are ten days into a holiday, the meals are good but the protein levels are high, the veg levels are low and there are processed carbs. I feel sluggish. There are a couple of vegan restaurants that I may try, although I don’t recognise many of the things they have on offer. When we get back there will be another five day fast.

    I’m on day 4 today and I think I finally pushed through the other side 🙂 I feel great today and I am not hungry at all.
    I felt a bit dizzy on day 2, had a large glass of water with a tsp of salt and felt better soon after. Yesterday I couldn’t stop thinking about food and had 2 tangerines in the evening. I’m still thinking about food, making plans for tomorrow’s meals. I have cauli, broccoli, courgette and aubergines, I think I’ll roast them with a little olive oil and plenty of herbs.

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