5:2 and constipation!

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  • I am finding the 5:2 very easy, but the day after a fast I just can’t poo properly. I’m a woman of very regular habits and feel the need to go at the same time every morning. My body wants my bowels to open but there’s nothing doing. It’s terribly uncomfortable and I’m beginning to think I’ll have to give up as it feels very bad for me too. Please can anyone help?

    Sorry, me again. I meant to say that I eat a main meal in the evening that consists almost entirely of vegetables, so plenty of roughage. I also usually have an apple and an orange during the day. Thanks.

    Poody, some people find this to be the case. i suggest adding a Green Smoothie to your daily menus. Not all at once, or you may get the trots. Or at least some uncomfortable feelings.
    The benefit of Green Smoothies is that the blended greens are more available to the beneficial bacteria in your gut than any other form of greens. By nourishing them, you promote gut health and function. Yes, you are eating lots of roughage, but maybe this is a new regime and you gut can’t process it.

    Here’s a recipe: 1st time you make it, don’t use all 2 cups of greens — maybe 1/2 cup. Then increase the amount.

    Green Smoothie 77 calories 0.3 g fat 1.6 g fiber 1.7 g protein 31.3 g carb 30.7 mg Calcium PB GF HINT: this makes enough for three 6-oz servings, so it will save you time on the next 2 breakfasts.
    2 cups mixed greens – spinach, romaine, lettuce, chard – roughly chopped 2 oz banana, sliced 2 oz berries ½ apple or pear 12 oz tomato juice [such as Knudsen’s organic] 10 ice cubes

    Put the fruit and greens in the blender and swirl it together on ”high” just long enough to break down the fruit and greens. Set blender to “low,” add the juice and ice cubes. Process until smooth. Put what you don’t drink today into a jar in the ‘fridge. Next time you use it, shake it well. If you think it has become too thick, feel free to thin it with water or OJ.

    or eat dried figs every day [1-2]

    Thanks for this. I tried a version of the green smoothie as I didn’t have all your ingredients. Seemed to work. I’ve also bought some dry figs!

    Hi Poody!

    I just saw your post whilst I was looking for the March Challenge!

    Sounds like you’ve sorted the problem now, but thought I’d chip in anyway as I know it is a problem for many people.

    Yes, I also always include green cruciferous vegetables on my Fast Day. Recently I’ve been having steamed 19-20 sprouts OR a large helping of steamed broccoli as part of my evening meal. The calories are so negligible and they are super filling and obviously full of fibre. So it is great that you are already doing that.

    However, echoing @fasting_me above, the other piece I would stress is that if you are struggling with constipation, you are probably not having enough fibre during your five non fast-days?

    On my non FDs, I tend to have a vegetable & avocado smoothie for breakfast which includes 2 big tablespoons of linseed (flax seeds).

    I also include c100 mls of home-made kefir (beneficial bacteria as @fasting_me indicates above)

    I sweeten my daily veg & kefir smoothies with Lakanto/Monk Fruit (a zero calorie/zero carb sugar that is NOT carcinogenic!) and also c25-50g of creamed coconut, which is delicious, tasty and 16% fibre. Otherwise, yes I sometimes use dried figs or prunes or dates to add fibre and sweetness, but generally I try to avoid fruit at breakfast as it tends to spike my blood sugar and make me hungrier sooner.

    Good luck!

    Thank you so much for these ideas. There is lots to learn about our metabolism and digestion. I love sprouts and broccoli so will add more to my meals throughout the week. Funnily enough, I find fruit is great for me – no sugar spike – but I cannot eat porridge as I get the most terrible spike mid morning. I love porridge, but there you go. I’m more on top of my problem now. Thanks for all the advice.

    I’m hoping that this will not apply to anyone else suffering from constipation on this diet, but I eventually found out that the cause of my problem was colon cancer. I gave up the 5:2 because of the constipation thinking everything would return to normal, but it didn’t. I had very atypical symptoms, about the only distinctive one being constipation. My doctor did blood tests and a stool sample and said I had diverticulitis. I eventually got diagnosed with a colonoscopy. I just wanted to say that if anyone else has constipation that is unusual for them, get it checked out. I’m having treatment and I’m hopeful for a cure, but I wish I’d been diagnosed earlier.

    Oh my goodness, Poody, what a diagnosis! I do so hope that the MDs can get you on a road to recovery.
    I get the colonoscopy every 10 years, but last time they removed a polyp so I’m on a 3-year cycle now. One can’t be too careful with that.
    Good luck to you.

    Thank you fasting_me. I admit it’s been very difficult to come to terms with as I’m very fit, eat very healthily and don’t smoke or drink. However, I’m hoping all these will help me bear the treatment well and come through the other side. I agree with being careful. I was horrified to learn that 55% of uk adults who receive their poo test from the NHS (over 60s) don’t bother to use it).

    There seems to be a stigma about it. And I dislike the salt water before-hand. But it is important.
    Here’s to your recovery!

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