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  • 5:2 all the way

    One of the reasons The Fast Diet seems to have become so popular is that it is incredibly easy to thread into a life. The psychology of intermittent fasting is its USP: no two days are the same. There’s no drudge of daily dieting. It is a part-time commitment for a full-blown result.
    It seems to me that the 5:2 method is so appealing that it could easily be applied to other areas of life. There’s something really pleasing about the ratio. It feels like just enough, but never too much. 5:2 feels feasible, a comfortable compromise that gets results. By the time the next Fast Day rolls around, you’re ready for more. So how about going beyond diet? A 5:2 regime for other things, other activities beyond mealtimes: two days a week, we could ditch the car. Or play squash. Two days a week, we could switch off the TV, or eat as a family, or practice yoga, or walk to work. We could steer clear or meat, or stop drinking wine. For two days a week, anything is possible, right?

    Thanks, Mimi, I really like this idea – a feasible plan to help one make desired improvements to one’s life. My immediate thought is that one might be advised to incorporate any enjoyable, positive changes into one’s existing fast days and, then, to make any changes that feel more challenging during one’s two non-fast days. That way, one is adding some extra pleasure to fast days rather than over-loading them with a sense of too much deprivation. I’m off to consider my new 5:2 approach to life all the way.
    (USP: unique selling point)

    Mimi and Jeanius, I totally agree and have mentioned the meat free two days elsewhere earlier today. I really believe that the 5:2 idea is transferable to other parts of life and people can slip in a meat free or alcohol free day quite easily. In fact as I “fast” on a Monday and Wednesday which are alcohol free anyway then a alcohol free Tuesday is easily incorporated into my lifestyle. For many, Friday is a Fish day so why not use that day to go meat free?
    I am now 65yrs old, still working, (my choice) not for financial reasons but am going to apply the 5:2 idea to my work life and am dropping to 2 working days a week. Is this included in 5:2 regime?.

    Good to see you back, Couscous. Enjoy your new regime. With all best wishes.

    Sorry, got my proof-reading knickers in a twist: amend earlier comment in this thread to delete the word ‘two’ from the reference to non-fast days – should read ‘make any changes that feel too challenging during one’s non-fast days’

    I agree Jeanius – two Fast Days a week (we know this works), then changing other elements (TV, walking not driving etc) on other days.
    And working just for two days? Genius, Couscous. Though I can’t see that happening around here any time soon…!

    I love love love the 5:2 all the way idea. A couple of years ago I wrote something on shopping which can apply to food (eating and shopping for it) and exercise and just about anything. I love the idea that trying to be a bit better is still worthwhile; I’m not a failure for not being perfect all the damn time. Keeping the 5:2 philosophy in mind seems like a great idea.

    Here’s the piece on shopping :

    It’s ok, you can be a bit bad –

    We’re shopping in an age when almost every purchase comes with a free gift of self loathing. If only we could NOT want the latest bag, most flattering dress or that perfect pair of shoes, then we’d be ok. But we do. We want it and we want it now. They tell us to buy British, buy organic, Fairtrade (but not flown in, no way), to make sure it’s sustainably sourced, ethically made. It should be advertised in a feminist, egalitarian, inclusive manner. We should plan on using it at least until forever and then re-using it some more just in case it can’t be properly recycled. The pressure! All we wanted was a sweet dress for our best friend’s summer wedding.

    Don’t panic. You can be a bit bad without being evil. Take a moment to stop and think about what you’re buying. Just do one thing a bit better. Anything. Shopping better might not be “knit-your-own-muesli” worthy but it’s worthy enough to avoid some of that post-consumption hangover resulting from a binge in a tawdry shop whose specialty is cheap knockouts sold with a knowing sneer. Plus that little hit of worthiness will give you double the kick you’re looking for from a spree.

    Hi testytoast,

    I do like the idea of doing just one thing a bit better. Make a great fridge magnet slogan. It is one of the things that psychologists who study habits have realised, that changing everything at once is almost impossible and in most cases certainly doomed to failure. You have to find one thing, preferably one cornerstone habit, and if you can change that one thing then lots of other things may also change about your life.
    And i completely agree about shopping. Which, i suspect, is why i largely avoid it.

    I know what I most need in order to take my 5:2 approach All The Way:
    for two days a week, I am not going to procrastinate.

    – Those piles of books ARE going to get sorted and put away – at last, I will have room at the table to sit and eat (instead of using the armchair).
    – That rash of curling post-it notes on the cupboard door WILL be acted upon, then immediately filed under ‘WPB’ (Waste Paper Bin).
    – The junk in the kitchen drawers is about to become history.

    Tomorrow is my first Do Day and I’m going to be busy: good news for keeping to the diet – and for my overall well-being.

    Such a great idea, Mimi – I think you should broadcast it to an even bigger world than this one. Thank you, once again.

    If you get a moment, I recommend a couple of interesting newspaper articles taken from the ‘press links’ section, on the home page:

    Lunch with Michael Mosley, the guru behind the 5:2 diet

    How to 5:2 your life

    Michael M, I look forward to your programme on meditation and mindfulness – mentioned in the first article, above – whenever it comes out.
    Since starting to eat all my meals at my newly-cleared dining table – yes, my first successful 5:2 All the Way ‘Do Day’ project, last Friday – I’ve noticed that my new practice of silent, mindful eating has already started to influence my other activities in a very positive way. I find that I just want to focus my attention more on one thing at a time, to really enjoy that thing: when writing emails to friends, I no longer want music playing in the background; preparing food has become a pleasing exercise in quiet efficiency and, likewise, the washing-up – it flows rather than bangs and clatters.
    Lucky me, to be so free of responsibilities and time constraints, that I can get absorbed in appreciating such ordinary things. But even a moment spent connecting with a still point inside oneself, soon permeates the rest of one’s world. How fascinating and delightful.


    I like the idea of using a 5:2 schedule for things besides fasting. Even before I ever heard of the 5:2 diet I had decided to cut my acid reflux drug 2 days a week. It has some unwanted side effects so I wanted to use it as little as possible. After starting the 5:2 diet (for health reasons) I decided to change the days I don’t take that drug to my fast days. It is working very well.

    I like the idea of either adding something to my routine that is good for me 2 days a week or cutting something out of my routine that is bad for me 2 days a week. Now I just have to decide what to do.

    I plan to try to find Michael’s program on HIIT and watch it again with the thought of acting on it.

    Jeanius, I used to do meditation years ago and know it is good for you. I think that one of the things I will do for myself is to start up again at least 2 days a week.

    Good luck to all on all of your endeavors.


    Hello, Quick – Your ‘All The Way’ approach sounds great. I will join you in the 5:2 meditation sessions, on my two (variable) Do-it Days each week – many thanks, for the spur and the inspiration and every best wish to you for many benefits and on-going delight from your endeavours.

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