5:2 after the liver transplant

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  • Hello, I’m Chris and have a question about my dad. He had the liver transplant in 2011 ( because of the hepatic cancer). He has always been an obese person (20 kilos overweight) and suffers from metabolic issues connected to that- hypertension and diabetes II. Obviously he is on immunosuppresants for the rest of his life. Now, I am a M.D.myself but just an E.N.T. surgeon and have absolutely no experience or specific knowledge if a person after an organ transplant can start a diet like 5:2. Have any of you, dear Forum Friends, ever heard of any post-transplant patient on the 5:2 diet? I would be grateful for any suggestions.
    Best greetings from Poland! Chris

    Hi Chris, I am no help, but bumping this up incase someone with knowledge sees it.

    Hi Chis, I am not post transplant, but I am on immunosuppresant drugs forever (to manage rheumatoid arthritis). I have had no negative impacts from 5:2, I lost the weight I needed to and have been healthier. I’ve stayed on 5:2 to help with weight maintenance.

    I do have regular appointments with my doctor and monthly blood tests (which include liver function tests – my LFTs improved dramatically with weight loss). When you have serious health issues (as your father has), changing diet should be done under medical supervision. I found that my blood pressure meds needed frequent adjustment as I lost weight – I no longer need any BP medications.
    If your father has a doctor he sees regularly I think a discussion with him/her would be essential.

    I just searched the site for “transplant” and noticed that a few people with kidney transplants have discussed their experience – you may want to read those discussions:

    Thank you so much for your help.
    My dad started the 5:2 two weeks ago and is doing just fine. The story of the person after the kidney transplant on the 5:2 is very inspiring. Hopefully,taking all necessary precautions,it will be a life changer for my dad.
    Best Greetings!

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