5 Day Water Fast Results

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  • My eating was getting out of hand for six weeks as I gained 14 lbs from 160 to 174 lbs so I decided to reboot with a 5 day water fast. My last one was in january and I did it then for the health benefits not primarily for fat loss. This time was the opposite. Gluttony was the driver.

    I didn’t have much trouble with cravings, no headaches or weakness. My only issue was sleeping less and having my sleep states change with less deep sleep. On the last night my sleep states and length of sleep returned to normal.

    My resting heart rate went from 60 to 64 BPM

    I lost 9.2 lbs and 2.5% body fat

    My ketones where in a strong fat burning zone after one day and hit an all time high of 7.2 mmol on day 5. I did not do any intense exercise but was very active all week.

    I broke my fast on the evening of the 5th day because we had guests and went out to dinner. I would have liked to continue till the morning of the 6th day. I was surprised how much I could eat with no discomfort. I slept very well last night. Eating keto and really enjoying my food today. Everything tastes sooooo gooood!

    Congratulations on your second 5 day fast in 2018! Wow, that is really impressive.

    So you when out of ketosis during your six week feast? That would account for some of your weight gain as glycogen is heavy. I take it that you are now maintaining a ketogenic diet. That last 6 pounds won’t last long.

    Yes I’ll be eating high fat, moderate protein and low carb with lots of non starchy veggies. I will break it every week of so with a moderate dose of starchy carbs.

    I was way out of ketosis on my 6 week binge. Tons of ice cream and pizza

    Hi! Dear All! I was on 16/8 and 18/6 fasting regime. But on the last 2 months was not great….. i was on and off on my fasting after my holiday (Ok i must admit the hotel breakfast buffet WAS so nice)….. After that holiday, i struggling back to my fasting. The struggle was the craving for carbs, it was a tough psychology mind challenging. Previously i had weight losing issue (my weight keep dropping), now my weight stop dropping, is below my ideal body weight but within BMI 20. My body is very lean now, i can feel and see almost all my bones in my body. I getting a bit of concerned here and there, should i continue with the fasting or there are something went wrong with my eating habit after the fast. (Currently i on Preascatarian Ketogenic Diet meaning i ate plants based diet and seafood). I was actually planning for 3 -5 days water fasting every month to get the autophagy benefit. But now i getting a bit worry should i gain abit weight back before continue any further?

    MightyDuck- it sounds as though an extended fast might not be the way to go for you if you’re that lean now. Maybe up the fat when you’re doing your keto eating, to get some more weight back, & don’t do the extended fasts so often? You might get better advice from a specifically keto forum? The 2 KetoDudes forum is very good & a lot of good advice on there: https://www.ketogenicforums.com/
    You can search for discussions which are relevant to you, I found a couple: https://www.ketogenicforums.com/t/at-what-fat-is-it-unhealthy-to-do-efs/29299

    Mighty Duck One, expressions like “perfect weight” and BMI are very vague descriptions of your physical body makeup. It sounds like you are skinny but that can be deceiving because you could be “skinny” with a good amount of muscle and low fat “lean” or “skinny” with little muscle and plenty of fat so “not lean”. Can you tell us more about you? Male of female, height weight etc?

    Preascatarian keto is a very healthy diet, what are you eating for fats? 65-70% of your calorie intake should be coming from fat on that eating plan

    Thank you for yours input hedgehogs and diverdog. I Male, age 43, weight 114 Ibs (b4 started fasting regime last year was 171 lbs July 2017). Height 161cm

    Currently have successful lowering all carbs and moderate protein but oil intake still not that high yet.

    Hedgehogs thanks very much for the links and information. Will definitely check it out.

    Mighty Duck One, Keto is not only about cutting down on sugars and carbs but making sure you get plenty of healthy fat from sources like eggs, fatty fish like sardines and wild salmon, grass fed butter, coconut, nuts, grass fed cheese, avocado and olive oil. Fat from grass fed animals is OK too

    My weight has gone up from 166 lbs and stabilized at ~170 lbs but my BF% has remained the same at 17.5%.

    My goal is 15% BF and I don’t care what the scale weight is.

    My sleep states have gone back to a more normal schedule for me and I’m getting up at my normal times again.

    I’ll be doing one water fast day a week (36 hours) and time restricted keto for the rest of the week.

    I’m back at the gym hitting the weights and HIIT hard.

    I feel great!

    MightyDuck- your weight does sound quite low to me- I’m 5″1′, so about 3 inches shorter than you, & the same weight as you, I’m not skinny, but slim now… I wouldn’t be doing EF at that weight, not unless you’re going to increase the calories loads in between…
    DiverDog- sounds great, glad that you’re feeling so good!
    I’ve had a lot of health problems over the last few years, so only just been able to get back into exercise, doing cycling, beginners rebound & HIIT. First 4 weeks of keto didn’t have the energy, but feeling much better now!

    hedgehogs, it’s not unusual for it to take some time to adjust to burning fat for energy. As I’ve fasted and maintained a more ketogenic lifestyle I find it very easy to switch from carb burning to fat burning.

    I track my blood ketones and I have found a steady trend in going to strong ketosis faster and faster when I water fast.

    Hi Everyone

    How is your fasting moving along? I am still doing it… lol

    did you lose 9.2 lbs in 5 days while drinking only water ?! woowww

    daniela34, yes that is a typical scale weight loss for me. But a good portion of it is from no food in my system and loss of glycogen in the muscles. When I refeed I’ll gain back 5 lbs.

    I was on vacation in Europe for 26 days and ate way too much and since I was in central Europe I had to try the beer! No workouts either. I gained 10 lbs to 180.2!

    On day 3 of another 5 day water fast started on my first day back. Combining fasting and a 9 hour time change is rough. I’m trying to get back on a normal schedule and only slept 5 hours the first two nights. As usual I’m not physically hungry but I miss the routine and the pleasure of eating. My body went into ketosis quickly and day three I’m already at 4.3 mmol. Down 10 lbs.

    Day 4 of the water fast. Slept better and longer last night. Not a good as normal but I feel much better today. BTW I really like my Fitbit Alta-HR. It has a really good sleep feature that maps sleep states, awake, light, REM and deep. I can try different diet and supplements and track what it does to sleep quality.

    Blood ketones are up to 6.4 mmol. It’s the highest I’ve achieved on the 4th day. Some good fat burning going on!

    Well into day 5 of 5 and I’m feeling pretty good. Great mental focus and good energy. Technically I’ll have five days around 9:00 tonight but I’m going to let it run into day 6 and eat my first re-feed meal some time late afternoon.

    Sleep is still not as good as when I’m consuming some food and the sleep states get moved around. I get up 2 hours earlier but I’m not tired in the AM but I do start getting tired earlier as well.

    Ketones were a little lower than yesterday at 6.1 mmol I measured them a couple of hours earlier than usual and perhaps it caused the variance. Body fat is down 2.0%

    I can’t wait to break the fast tomorrow. I’m not hungry but I’m a foodie and I really miss the taste, smell and texture of food!

    Finished my water fast on day 6. The duration was 5 days 18 hours. Results 13 lbs lost, 2% body fat. Blood ketones were a highest ever 7.4mmol. I could have kept going but I want to start lifting weights again to build some muscle so that means protein and more calories.

    Broke the fast with a beet & arugula salad 1/2 of a pizza and 40 grams of whey protein.

    It was the best food I ever ate!!!

    I would have though that 7.4mmol was a little high. Were you drinking enough and urinating enough during your fast?

    bigbooty, yes I drank plenty of water and some black coffee in the AM. Peeing like a race horse! LOL 7.4 is high but not not dangerous. Most research shows that ketoacidosis starts at 10.0 mmol.

    I think my levels went higher this time because I was very active walking and doing some easy bike riding.

    On the fifth night my sleep states flipped around to the same sequence in my non fast days. deep sleep first and then REM later in the night. GO figure?

    I slept over 9 hours last night after my refeed and feel awesome this morning.

    So it’s time for my quarterly 5 day water fast. I’ve been trying to build muscle and have not been fasting over the last 12 weeks. My scale weight has gone up 5 lbs to 180 and the BF% has stayed the same. I estimate 4 lbs of muscle gain 1 lb fat.

    I’m very happy that at 68 YO I can still build muscle and get stronger

    I’m on day 3 of the WF and feel good. I was a little tired and cranky yesterday but a nap cured that.

    One thing of interest is that my sleep states have been normal. In the past I woke up around an hour earlier and my sleep states moved around. The only changes I’ve made is to switch to decaffeinated black coffee early in the day and to take 5-htp one hour before bedtime.

    Day 4 is going well. My sleep was shorter than normal waking an hour earlier but sleep states were normal. I’m down around 10lbs on the scale.

    I’m not physically hungry but I have a burning desire to taste food!

    My wife is joining me by doing a home brew “fasting mimicking” diet. ~500 calories, no protein or sugar. I made some soup for her and tasted one spoon full. It was delicious! I used Miso broth from Trader Joe’s, bok choi, green onion, shredded carrot, cilantro, and shirataki noodles. Very low protein and calories with lots of fiber to fill you up

    Day 5 all OK. Sleep is shorter than normal. I feel OK not a ton of energy but no problems getting in my walking and other work. Mentally sharp. Down about 11 lbs. Ketones at 4.6mmol. Nice fat burning going on.

    5 days will be over at 6:00 PM but I will wait till tomorrow morning to break the fast.

    Day six. Not hungry this AM but I broke my fast with 3 scrambled eggs with onion and goat cheese, 1 slice of sprouted bread toast with butter, sheep yogurt with fresh blueberries. It all tasted heavenly.

    Results are -11 lbs, -2% BF, day 6 ketones 5.8 mmol. Refeeding today and tomorrow and then back to time restricted low carb eating and hitting the weights.

    My goal over the next 12 weeks is to gain muscle without gaining any fat.

    Congrats on your fast! Sounds awesome. I am starting back to fasting as well. I have always done OMAD for years, then ADF, now I am getting more into strict ADF.

    I am zero carb though so that makes a difference for me. Anyone else zero carb or keto? I can’t do any vegetables.

    My goal is to lose 5 lbs.

    Peace, on workout days (4 a week) I eat starchy carbs after my workout to recharge muscle glycogen. On NWOD I only eat non starchy veggies no grains, or other starches. Since I am training to build muscle I do not fast while in a 12 week training cycle. I do TRE with a 9 hour eating window.

    I’m not real concerned with losing scale weight but rather building muscle, continuing to have excellent blood chems and sleeping well.

    I have done very strict keto and found that I did not thrive nearly as well as I do on a carb cycling diet.

    Of course when I do my quarterly 5 1/2 day water fast I’m in strong ketosis after the first day. I do it mainly for the health benefits and not fat loss but the fat loss is a nice side benefit!

    Thanks so much Diverdog. I just do better on zero carb, but we are all different. I workout a lot too.

    Basically, 7 days a week right now. However, sometimes twice a day. Anyhow, I am enjoying the fasting and if I don’t lose weight per say, I am good with lean muscle. Not sure of your stats, but I am already low on the BMI. However, I know that doesn’t matter, I personally believe its how we feel.

    Yep! I agree, autophagy, mental clarity, and overall energy levels improve when I am fasting. I like ADF, but since I workout so much, I might still keep my fasting days under 400 calories. I just try to listen to my body. From what I have read and experienced though, it is way better to not eat on my FD. That is my goal right now.

    Thanks for replying!

    Eating got a little out of hand as I was frustrated with a shoulder impingement and couldn’t work out like I wanted to. Weight up to 180 and a cruise coming up so I decided to do my quarterly 5 1/2 day water fast early. Just completed it and results where typical. Not hungry and into ketosis quickly. Down 10 lbs. Refeed was blissful and I feel wonderful. Still on my quest to build muscle and get stronger so no fasting for the next 12 weeks TRE and plenty of healthy organic food. First goal is coming home from a 11 day cruise and 2 days in New Orleans with no weight gain!

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