3 day cleanse & HIIT

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  • So I decided to give a three day straight fast a try. I have hit a little plateau and wanted to jumpstart it again. I am in the evening of my third day. I have kept it below 500 cals a day and honestly I was surprised how easy it has been. I thought it would be horrible. I also decided to try to include HIIT into my routine. I had never heard of it before and have found it kind of fun to try.

    I don’t think I have lost a single pound during the three straight days but I do feel a lot better. I am thinking about doing it each month during the first three days!

    Has anyone else done this and seen any results?

    I’ve heard about people doing ADF, and there was also someone doing longer fasts yes. It was a while back though, so don’t remember who it was… but these people did tend to have very good results!

    I do daily fasts myself, eating one meal a day, so fasting for longer periods is no stranger to me. Sometimes it’s easier than other times though. It depends on my carb intake and whether I’m sleeping well. Lately I’ve been dreaming really chaotic dreams and waking up during the night a lot, so I noticed the fasting is becoming more difficult.

    A cleanse is never a bad idea though! There are also people who do three week water fasts to get into maximum ketosis and all that, but… nah. x)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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