3 day bone broth fasting for healing leaking gut feeling a bit frustrated

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3 day bone broth fasting for healing leaking gut feeling a bit frustrated

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  • Hi, I am new to fasting. I think I suffer from leaky gut or candida.
    I have an autoinmune diesease, graves disease, my thyroid was completely removed, so now im taking thyroxine for life, bad digestion, bloating, mind fog, bad memory, food sensitivities, being exhausted all the time, tendency to depression, anxiety, sleep problems etc…

    As I had some days off I decided to go on a broth fasting diet as I have heard that is good for leaky gut. I am quite skinny, so im not looking foward to lose more weight it is more about health. I dont find any other forum about fasting in general this is more focussed on intermitent fasting, which I will give it a try, as could be beneficial for my condition but at the moment im trying this.

    I drink in the morning apple cider vinegar, then celery juice sometimes with cucumber then just bone broth every meal and herbal teas or water with lemon or lime. This is the first time I am doing a fast and I am a single mum as well my son is a toddler with lots of energy so it is a bit challenging but I would like to complete a 4 or 5 day fasting.

    Today is day 3. I feel a bit frustrated as read other stories online and people seems to start feeling better by day 3. I feel crap. I did not sleep well, many toilet runs last night and diahrrea, headache, feeling low emotionally, palpitations, low energy, mind is foggy as usual, anxiety as usual… Other people at this stage was feeling with lots of energy, sleeping well and great in general… I guess everyone is different…

    Anyone has been through a similar fasting experience?

    Thank you very much

    Have you read any of Dr Michael Mosley’s books? The most recent are the ‘Clever Guts Diet’ and ‘The Fast 800’, but this website/ this forum is named for an earlier edition.

    In all of his books Dr Mosley stresses the importance of checking with a medical professional before commencing any such restrictive diet, *particularly* for those with significant medical issues or who are already underweight.

    Please read one or both of Dr Mosley’s books before continuing. If you are impatient to start taking action, start keeping a detailed daily food, mood, symptom and activity diary (Clever Guts book, p.187). Every mouthful or sip of your normal/ everyday diet, with quantities properly weighed and measured not guesstimated.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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