21 day fast for church!!!

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  • Our church are on a 21 day fast were we are only allowed to eat chicken, fish, turkey, steam or raw vegetables and fruit’s also 100% juice or water. We are not to eat food’s that have sugar, sweeteners, artifact favors or corn syrup in it, also we can’t eat any chips, cakes, pie’s, potoatoes, rice, pasta’s, anything of these kinds. Please help me to find recipes to fit my type of fast!!!

    Errr if you cant have foods with sugar then I would be avoiding 100% fruit juice. In fact I would avoid fruit juice any time, not good for you. Its just sugar water.

    Cool! Great for church to promote healthy eating for its members.

    Agree with bigbooty – avoid juices – eat fresh fruits instead.
    My husband taught me to munch on fresh cucumbers and carrots.

    one of our easy favorite: cucumber cut in small pieces, garlic (pressed), plain yogurt (I like the whole milk type), salt a little.

    Another easy one: chop zucchini in inch half circles, 1 tbs of oil, fry zucchini a little bit, add soy souse and saute for a while. Don’t over cook, the zucchini should be a little bit soft with some crunches, but not mushy.

    Absolutely the same way – just instead of zucchini use chunks of chicken. This is my children’s favorite.

    Also we love eggplant. You can google a lot of recipes with that wonderful veggie.

    Good luck! Share some of your new found recipes. 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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