2 weeks in and gained 2lbs

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2 weeks in and gained 2lbs

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  • I first saw the horizon programme when I was still pregnant and knew that once I was ready I’d give it a go. Its very similar to how I ate as a student, often going a few days on just a couple of sandwiches and cereal then having big meals out and lots of drink. I thought it was really unhealthy at the time but I lost a stone over one summer so I was hopeful for this diet but the difference now is I’m 10 years older with a 3 month old baby to look after. I though this would be perfect as I don’t have to calorie count everyday but I’m finding that after a fast day I’m absolutely starving and I just eat everything I can get hold of. On a fast day I usually have an egg based meal at about 3pm and then some fruit about 5ish, my drinks are calorie free. The next day I don’t usually get to eat until 11am or sometimes later. I know where I’m going wrong and thats controlling my appetite on non fast days but I was hoping my tummy would shrink and my appetite with it as it did before. When I was pregnant I ate like a pig for most of it and I don’t seem to be able to shake the appetite. Should I try the odd 2 day fast in a row? Its very frustrating as I know I’m more than capable of doing it successfully.

    It might be worth noting that for 3 months of normal eating I’ve stayed the same weight, it has only been since fasting that I’ve put any weight on so I’m thinking I’m either doing it completely wrong or maybe its just not for me.

    Hi Jeblee

    Congratulations on the birth of your child – can I ask if your still breast feeding/extracting ? As I’m sure I’ve read that fasting wasn’t advised when doing so.

    Sorry if that’s too personal a question !

    I am so disappointed this morning, fasted Tuesday and Thursday, felt lighter, leapt on the scales this morning, DISASTER, appear to have put on 2 pounds, is this whole thing a con to make you buy all the books I am wondering. I had lost the first week, then stayed the same last week, and now this. Whats going on, do I persevere or go back to Slimming World. Help.

    @dorsetdoll: don’t take this the wrong way, but you’re ready to give up after three weeks? Give it time. Going from non-fasting to fasting is a big change in the way your body works. Everyone adapts differently at different speeds so stick with it! I look at it this way, I spent a lifetime doing the wrong things for my body so it definitely won’t get fixed overnight. I’m doing something about it, and that’s half the battle.

    dorsetdoll, my weight fluctuates wildly during the month due to water retention. Even if I’m losing weight steadily, there will be a week or so in there where the scales go up, no matter what. The next week they drop dramatically.

    Also, one thing that doesn’t change quite as much is the way my clothes fit, although this changes a bit, too.

    Rob5983, no I’m no longer breast feeding, I’ve only just started to think about dieting. Disappointed I couldn’t continue as it burns 500 calories a day 🙁

    I think I may have gained weight on the first week as well =/ I wasted for 68 hours in a row between Monday-Wednesday and broke the fast with a 1,000 calorie meal – buy all very healthy and nothing processed – but these last three days I kind of spoiled all the work I did during the fast because I overate a lot!! On healthy food but on processed foods as well.

    My problem is that I’m still battling a sugar addiction. I ‘recovered’ from it once and lived sugar-free for 2 years, but last Christmas I got hooked on the white poison again and this time I’m finding it really hard to give it up once and for all… 🙁 I wish I didn’t have such a strong reaction to sugar!

    Jeblee, don’t give up! 🙂 Your body must be unused to this new situation and it’s ‘protesting’ because of the change. Give it time to adapt to it. Drink a lot of water or tea on fast days to keep the hunger at bay, and try what you said and fast 2 days in a row. Usually the second day it gets easier.

    Congrats on your baby! 😀

    Each week has been different for me. The first I lost a few pounds, the second I gained a few. It’s been that way for the past two months, up and down, but overall I have lost about 7 pounds thus far. Try to look at the big picture and be patient. Focus on all of the good things this diet is doing for your long term health and the weight will follow soon enough. 🙂

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