Zero noodles

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  • Having my first try of these tonight – they smell gross , thinking I may revert to shredded cabbage as it actually tastes nice! But will post after dinner…..

    ….well, they didn’t seem to taste! In the bolognese sauce, they were fine and the texture was ok too! Does seem an expensive option tho, compared with the price of a whole cabbage! Think it would be good to bulk out a Thai soup though, but one packet is two portions, so I guess I will have to eat the rest on Thursday as I’m the only one in our family doing this. You can store them in water for 2 days but not freeze them. On the whole – a good pasta/noodle substitute for sure!

    I’ve bought some of these and will try them tomorrow… I’m hoping they fool me into thinking I’ve had a big meal. Hope they’re not too bad!

    Havent tried these noodles before – where do you get them? I do think the shredded cabbage sounds good though.

    I ordered mine on Amazon. About £10 for 5 packs, so they’re not cheap. There are 2 portions in a pack for 7 calories per portion.

    I’ve bought some Zero Noodles (yet to try) and some Slim Rice and Slim Pasta – Slim Rice is the only one we’ve tried so far. Does what it says on the pouch really – provides a very low calorie bulk addition to a meal. Tastes of nothing, so I think it really best goes with a tasty ‘wet’ dish sauce, like a curry. Holland and Barrett sell them (£1.99 Zero Noodles, £2.49 Slim Rice/Pasta).

    These are brill! I can defo recommend dryfry them to give a slightly better texture first, can make low cal / carb sweet stuff out of them too!

    My next fast day I’m aiming to have a modified Singapore style prawn stir fry using them can’t wait to try it!!

    Any other amazing recipes you’ve discovered or uses for them ?!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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